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British gambler stakes $5 million on President Trump winning the election

British gambler stakes $5 million on President Trump winning the election

A mystery British gambler reportedly staked $5 million on President Donald Trump winning the presidential election. The wager is also believed to be the largest ever political bet. The gambler, who is a former banker, used private bookmakers registered on the Caribbean island of Curacao for the bet at odds of 37/20. Should President Trump win, the gambler will win $15 million.

R_Forde 2 months

Damn I thought my $500 bet on Trump was high.

chuck 2 months

Let the Gambler know I helped him win 15 million bucks ...

Max 2 months

I wish I had 5 million to blow like that guy

Satan411 2 months

If Trump loses he will claim losing by that many votes proves the Democrats stole the election, and he will not concede.

gunnar 2 months

After consulting with Trump campaign... they have something up their sleeves and it can't be anything good. Or possibly they are using the last of their campaign funds in an effort to discredit the polls-- if so, it may backfire by activating the Dems

CoLpOeSnED 2 months

Jinxed it

Daniel 2 months

Does stealing the election mean he won his bet?

TexasReb 2 months

I bope that he wins. If he wins, the USA and the world wins.

Derek 2 months

Insert (something witty and comical). This election has drained me to much to do it on my own. After your finished we will have a laugh together.

Csaba 2 months

A good bet

Canna 2 months

Wonder how he's gonna feel if Trump looses.

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