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Dr. Birx warns of ’most deadly phase,’ of COVID-19 pandemic

Dr. Birx warns of ’most deadly phase,’ of COVID-19 pandemic

White House COVID-19 coordinator Dr Deborah Birx has cautioned that US is entering a critical phase of the pandemic. In an internal report published on Monday, Birx contradicted President Trump’s assessment that the U.S. is ’rounding the turn’ on the virus. Birx warned top officials that the country is entering the ’most deadly phase of this pandemic ... leading to increasing mortality.’

Michael 2 months

You’re fired, lol

C 2 months

Why does this guy ONLY post left leaning stories sourced from left only news sites? I send 5$ bucks a month too and feel that kind of bias is not needed here pal. Be an independent thinker

Satan411 2 months

1,000 people a day are dying from Covid and somehow you people still rationalize it or it's not happening. Impressive!

Sigfried 2 months

All these articles are parroting the Washington post (which isn't linked at time of my comment) and claim some anonymous top official confirmed it's contents. Washington post's article doesn't even mention their source. I smell telephone Shenanigans.

Amoneywilson 2 months

Most deadly with lowest rate of death due to cdc approved drugs.

Chet 2 months

Getting rid of Trump won't get rid of his freek base that will never take the virus seriously. America is going yo continue to struggle because Americans are selfish.

NV censors working OT
NV censors working OT 2 months

99.997% recovery rate only rtards are worried.

KarmaDharma 2 months

It is truly sad when you’re running president says that we are around the corner and Covid is done to mollify electors and gain sympathy when the US is going through yet the worst of it. Even Donald Trump Jr. said covid-19 deaths are at ‘almost nothing’ while the virus killed more than 1,000 people in the US the same day. Facts before pretense. Please.

Sergio 2 months

Now the star of "Debbie doesTrump" opens her mouth. Little Debbie's a little late.

Delterra 2 months

Whaaaaaat trumped lied again and we're getting into the worst of it? Really?!🙄.

Donald 2 months

NLP scarf Birx is nanny state personified. How many of you know she has been investigated for scientific fraud for falsifying HIV vaccine trials along with CDC director?

intherough 2 months

Um, ok... then there's this:

John W
John W 2 months

Most deadly because it's election day. Certainly not 1% political.

Jon 2 months

Trump lied and 250,000 died.

NV censors working OT
NV censors working OT 2 months

Bich please.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 2 months


Thrice Hated
Thrice Hated 2 months

As a doctor of medicine, she certainly is familiar with scientific method and as such has more than enough evidence to prove her point beyond any possibility of a doubt, right?

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

Oh no a surge of a flu that your survival rate is 99.9986 if your under 50 oh the humanity how will we survive

TheMadDane 2 months

Ok, so NOW we're all going to die of the 'rona.

Doug 2 months

Oh, right. Like her predictions have been so spot on before. I might as well ask the flower peddler out in front of the Walmart for her opinion. She can't do a worse job.

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