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Delta variant accounts for 83% of cases in the US, says CDC

Delta variant accounts for 83% of cases in the US, says CDC

83% of sequenced coronavirus samples in the U.S. are the Delta variant that spreads rapidly and is fueling fears of a major setback in the pandemic fight at home and abroad, the CDC said on Tuesday. The Delta variant was first identified in India, and quickly spread across the globe from the country. Average daily case counts have risen to roughly 30,000 per day, the worst level since mid-May.

Tom A
Tom A
Jon 1 weeks

Mitch was on tv begging Republicans to get vaccinated as he watches the more contagious strain ravaging Republican strongholds 🤣🤡. Mitch gets it, if you lose a state by a few thousand votes because some cultists di'n't believe in the virus or vaccines it a'n't gonna play well for the Republicans.

Birdman 1 weeks

Do what we need to to protect ourselves, vaccinated or not. We’ve lost too many to ignorance, and we’re going to lose many more as evidenced by the commentary.

Tony 1 weeks


systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 weeks

No one should feel bad for $tup!d ppl that deserve what they get.

Don 6 days

If you believe ANYTHING the CDC has to say, you are the problem.

Viviko 1 weeks

You mean the rising cases of the less lethal seasonal flu? Okay. I’m shivering.

Doug Star
Doug Star 5 days

Attn Antivaxxers: Better dead than bread. Encore! Encore! Encore!

jamie 1 weeks

I really hope ppl aren’t still letting “fear” run their lives

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