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’Take COVID seriously’, Sean Hannity urges viewers

’Take COVID seriously’, Sean Hannity urges viewers

Sean Hannity of Fox News recently encouraged his viewers to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously, and get themselves vaccinated against the virus. ’Enough people have died. We don’t need any more death,’ Hannity said. He also urged people to talk to their doctors on their respective medical history, current medical condition, and to take the vaccine ’seriously’.

Tom A
Tom A
nacho Yesterday

Did it for the ratings. Or someone's got him by the coconuts.

Randall 3 days

Fox entertainment network is becoming "woke"?

Doug Star
Doug Star 3 days

Hopefully, the sane portion of Civilization will soon observe mass suicide by Pandemic there in the entire South and Deep South. Somehow, that just doesn't jive with, "The South shall rise again."

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