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Election Day passes off peacefully despite fears of violence

Election Day passes off peacefully despite fears of violence

The Election Day passed off without any major incident on Tuesday despite fears of violence, intimidation or disruptions at polling sites. However, there were sporadic reports of robocalls, text messages and some live calls meant to confuse and deter voters, but they were not significant. The Election Protection Hotline said it received reports of robocalls from 17 states discouraging voters.

Tom A
Tom A
Matt 3 months

... because Trump hasn't been declared the winner yet. The mob isn't reasonable, but you have to trigger them into a toddler-grade meltdown first.

Andrew 3 months

Despite the Proud Boys leader getting stabbed in DC, BLM clashing with the police outside the White House and 8 people being arrested in Seattle. Oh yes, very peaceful

Diddy 3 months

It's absolutely not peaceful in many locations such as Portland, washington DC and Philadelphia. The MSM is nothing but a propaganda arm for the Left. Wake up sheep.

Trevelyn 3 months

That statement is false .They did not stop the vote.

Mike 3 months

Peacefully except where it wasn't. Like the reports coming from Seattle and Portland. God I hate the liberal media

Jerry 3 months

Maybe the American people are of better quality than they tell us.

Brandon 3 months


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