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BLM protesters scuffle with police as thousands gather near White House

BLM protesters scuffle with police as thousands gather near White House

With still hours to go before polls close in many states in the United States, thousands of Black Lives Matter demonstrators have gathered just a block away from the White House in Washington, DC in preparation to hold protests in anticipation of an election victory for President Donald Trump. Some of the protesters scuffled with the police, which led to at least one arrest.

Tom A
Tom A
Laura 2 months

BLM proving once again that their organization isn't about blacks at all. It was always about removing Trump and getting democrats in power.

Jason 2 months

It's almost like they know Trump's gonna win 😂😂😂

Shane 2 months

I'm sick of hearing about BLM protesters. They've put so much fear into local businesses that they've had to barricade their own stores. Go home like everyone else and accept the result like men!

S 2 months

Donald Trump has done infinitely more for black people than BLM. They're jealous he's outperforming them.

edwin 2 months

Well, if they start getting excitable DC police have 100k dollars worth of tear gas they bought just for tonight....

Krešimir T.
Krešimir T. 2 months

Looks like call in for barricading White House wasn't paranoid one.

Rufus 2 months

Just break out the flame throwers and set them all on fire is that so hard?

Rave Biscuits
Rave Biscuits 2 months

They're only protesting so far, we should wait for more than a 'scuffle' to start going off about rioters. But it very well might happen.

WWIII 2 months

Meet fire with fire!! There’s no place for domestic terrorism and it’s time these fools are stopped!!!! This “movement” is an absolute disgrace to the entire civil rights movement and most blacks recognize it. These BLM “activists” are nothing more than angry uneducated liberals that react on feelings instead of intelligence. As a black man myself these people are disgusting and the only thing they’ve accomplished is enlarging the gap in racial disparities... these people are a threat to this country and should be treated as criminals and must be stopped!!

Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon 2 months

Ofcourse people would give Trump reason to actually build that fence. Smh. You guys are just proving him right you know that?

Matt 2 months

Stay in school, people. Or at least don't go against the law and terrorize people and their families in their homes and businesses.

Tiggs 2 months

I see no "scuffle with the police" only a peacful and within the restrictions of the law protest 🤔 🤔🤔

dodpfos 2 months

BLM has become TLM (Thug life matter) even for liberals now. High time kids stop the bs and get back with your life. Your protest,loot,and mindless behavior in last few months is the biggest dent to the entire racial equality movement.. enough, thank-you. By the way,this is all coming from a non white liberal.

Jon 2 months

Look at this racial fear mongering. Disgusting

Thinker 2 months

Right wingers really be out here thinking that BLM has been the issue the whole time. Trumpanzees

JB1987 2 months

Well now I know who the barricades and boarded up buildings were for

martti 2 months

They do not want democracy, they want a paramilitary coup.

Brandon 2 months


seymour 2 months

Let us temper this storm as seagulls on Sandy sand filled sandwich beaches folks

Alexander 2 months

I just hope the protesters voted.

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