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Gunman kills three near Las Vegas before cops shoot him dead

Gunman kills three near Las Vegas before cops shoot him dead

A gunman shot and killed three people and injured one in Henderson, Nevada before police responded and shot him dead. Authorities said the incident took place in an apartment complex on Stonelake Cove Avenue in Henderson, about 16 miles southeast of Las Vegas. A spokesman for the Henderson police department said when the cops arrived, they found two people dead already.

Tom A
Tom A
Sigfried 2 months

Hey, why didn't they shoot him in the leg? Police brutality! Get the guy some badacafcare and apply truinenanashabadepressure on those officers!

MrFredag 2 months

I am really hoping it is not terror-ralated, and only garden-variety or a random shoting😶

J 2 months

Just another day in vegas really.

Brett Ellis
Brett Ellis 2 months

Reading these headlines has me wondering if antifa/blm or isis

michael 2 months

If they HAD managed to take him alive, the investigators would have one very important witness to question. Perhaps his socials have clues? Try to build criminal profile out of social media?

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 2 months

2 hours after he was pronounced dead, he voted Democrat.

J.a.c.c. 2 months

Must've been white if he isnt labeled a terrorist, ah american exceptionalism

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