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At least 8 arrested over Election Day protests in Seattle

At least 8 arrested over Election Day protests in Seattle

Seattle police said they have made at least eight arrests as people took to the streets to protest on Election Day. Those arrested include demonstrators who were leaving nails in a roadway. The police said one of those arrested was a driver who drove over a barricade and into a police bike lane. Throughout the night, police kept giving safety warnings for protesters to keep moving.

Tom A
Tom A
Young Conservative
Young Conservative 2 months

What are you protesting? We still don't even know the results lmao

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 2 months

“There’s a building still standing, BURN IT!!”

Eric 2 months

Like in Seattle a bunch of kids in Minneapolis went out and lit off fireworks, set fires and spray painted business. That’s what they went out there to do. It wasn’t a protest that turned destructive, it was kids intentionally causing chaos.

WWIII 2 months

Not all democrats are bad people, but all looters and protesters are Democrats... let that sink in...

Brian 2 months

I was a Democrat until they have allowed drugs and lawlessness to take over the city that I loved. what a shame.

S 2 months

And this is where the Left will lose any remaining credibility. Even if Biden wins, they don't realize that backing anarchist groups like Antifa and BLM is a Pandora's box. Good luck closing it now.

Tommy 2 months

It's like you can always count on anarchists to be violent. Who would have thought?

Nathan 2 months

Those of you who voted for Biden, this is what you voted for. These are your people and these domestic terrorists are yours.

Nicholas 2 months

Protesting before the results are in? Why?

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 2 months

"Protestors" 🙄

coughdrop1989 2 months

Don't worry they'll be released soon since the d.a. doesnt like to have conviction rates.

Don'tbackNV 2 months

Trump supporters stabbed in dc

Donald 2 months

Chaz takes to the streets

Migaligazoid 2 months

Ok, well the left was allowed to fight against those in power...time for the other side.

ronnie massart
ronnie massart 2 months

Just 8?

coughdrop1989 2 months

So wheres that pimp they hired to be a conselor to the streets?

Glen 2 months

Welcome to the new USSR (United States Socialist Republic )

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