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Unesco strips Liverpool of its world heritage status

Unesco strips Liverpool of its world heritage status

The UNESCO has stripped Liverpool of its coveted world heritage status after it blamed years of development for an ’irreversible loss’ to the historic value of its Victorian docks. The UN’s heritage body concluded at a meeting in China on Wednesday that the ’outstanding universal value’ of Liverpool’s waterfront had been destroyed by new buildings, including Everton football club’s new stadium.

Milkshake 4 days

The one good thing Orban in Hungary did is give that leftist mayor of Budapest a middle finger on the issue of architecture design, forced the building of traditionalist design fitting with the surrounding old remnant buildings, while scrapping all the ugly commie block and also scrapping the mayor's plans to ruin the uniformity with ugly bauhaus, neo-futurism, brutalism, and glass garb. The result is major tourism value and heritage value precisely for these reasons. Hopefully Liverpool gets better management in the future.

Rational ific
Rational ific 4 days

To any person complaining about UNESCO on this matter, imagine that a rainforest with incredible biodiversity is a world heritage site. Then, imagine that rainforest is burned down and replaced with a shanty town (but a park with some trees still remains). Would that still deserve to be a world heritage site just because it is the same location? Of course not. Great things need to be protected. If not, they are no longer great. This is a wake-up call that should have happened in the 1950s.

Vark 4 days

Why do leftists hate history and greenery? They always tear it down to put some disgusting modern art or new apartments. They're doing it all across Southern USA now. Cutting down our forrests so they can have summer homes.

Kurt 4 days

They made this decision in China… huh.

chris 4 days

Defend unesco Sorry, spellchecker. Should be DEFUND

IIZard 3 days

Also it's full of people who aren't from Liverpool now

Andy 4 days

That is rough man

Yankee 4 days

Didn't hear a word about the removal of our heritage statues and such . Huh ! These orgs. are a joke .

Alexander 4 days

How petty! If there wasn’t a rule/law against it then why punish them now?

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 4 days

All good things come to an end. Darwin was right! Survival of the fittest only. Good luck getting that back!

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