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Maine’s Portland votes to ban facial recognition

Maine’s Portland votes to ban facial recognition

Maine’s most populous city Portland has voted to ban facial recognition. This strengthens a ban already in place on the city’s agencies to use facial recognition tools. The initiative follows a city council vote in August, which put a preliminary ban in place as an ordinance. Tuesday’s vote replaces that ordinance with a stronger measure, which cannot be revoked for at least five years.

Tom A
Tom A
92cooks 2 months

Good, get this dystopian bs out of here

Nathan 2 months

Sorry Maine, you're a blue state. You have no freedom. You're votes are irrelevant.

MIDESSA 2 months

Sorry guess I'm a bit out of touch on this issue. Can someone explain to me why facial recognition to someone who has not committed a crime is a bad thing? I know if my child was kidnapped by a known person of interest I would like to know there's nowhere he can hide. Trying to see a down side this that doesn't involve a tin foil hat and just can't see it.

Indo 2 months

It could be a real boon for places with large amounts of Hyman entrants. Else its just time usage.

K W “Just me”
K W “Just me” 2 months

I hope that trend sweeps the nation

Muzical 2 months

Can we get a US ban on it, please?

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