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Marjorie Taylor Greene ducks vaccination question, cites HIPAA rights

Marjorie Taylor Greene ducks vaccination question, cites HIPAA rights

Marjorie Taylor Greene declined to reveal if she is vaccinated against COVID-19 when asked, claiming the inquiry was a violation of her health privacy rights. The GOP Rep. cited the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which was passed with the primary purpose of requiring the health care and health care insurance industries to protect patients’ medical records from fraud and theft

Tom A
Tom A
Jon 4 days

Um, no, Ma'am. Your HIPAA rights prevent your health care providers from sharing your vaccine status without your permission. You don't have a right to not be asked about it. The reporter has no legal obligation to not share any reasonable information they can dig up on you.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 4 days

MTG is the lefts replacement for President Trump. She is the lefts new “Goldstein” for their 2 minutes of hate daily. Everybody needs a hobby.

jay 4 days

This woman's stupidity never ceases to amaze me. As others have pointed out, HIPPA protects you from having your medical information shared without your permission. It has absolutely nothing to do with a reporter asking you a question. I genuinely don't know how anyone could support lawmakers who don't have even the most basic grasp of laws and rights.

Dustin 4 days

It's not a violation of her rights. They can ask her and she can refuse to answer. If she was forced to answer about her vaccination status that would be a violation of HIPAA. HIPAA doesn't stop people from requesting your health information. It means you dont have to give your health info to anyone unless you want to. If her doctors leaked her medical info without her consent that would be a HIPAA violation.

Jon 3 days

A reporter asking you if you got the vaccine is not a violation of your HIPPA rights 🤦‍♂️. And she obviously got the vaccine and the cultists here are lying to themselves if they think she did''t because you know she would just flat out say no I did''t get the vaccine because I do''t want the government microchipping me or some BS. SHES LYING TO YOUR FACE Republicans and you guys are like yes!! Give me more! Lie to me!

MrLoseddos 4 days

Who gives a cräp? It's her info to unveil if she chooses to.

Skot 4 days

For those who think it's fine to ask about vaccination status... How many abortions have you been a part of? Have you ever had an IQ test? What was the result? How many STD'a have you had? What's your BMI? The answer to all of the above? None of your business.

Alex 4 days

That lady never has a clue what she is taking about. She just blurts shit out.

Doug Star
Doug Star Yesterday

Hopefully, the sane portion of Civilization will soon observe mass suicide by Pandemic there in the entire South and Deep South. Somehow, that just doesn't jive with, "The South shall rise again."

Trevelyn 22 hours

We now have a problem with health discrimination .If you can not take the shot . If your body already has made the antibodies from having covid .Your now discriminated against . Your employer requires you to wear a mask . They act like people who took the shot can't get the virus or pass it to anyone . Yet they treat you like your highly contagious . When your not sick . Now politicans are taking it to the extreme .They claim only people who did not take the shot is spreading the virus .Let's blaim them for the mess we paid for with tax dollars .

zJamz 4 days

The RCP link is actually a rehost of part of a CNN article.

Doug Star
Doug Star 6 hours

Attn Covid-19: Please cull the ENTIRE "South!" Good riddance to defective, Darwin Award-winning genes.

Michael 4 days

HIPPA has nothing to do with that. She’s showing her stupidity and ignorance yet again.

Randall 4 days

She's vaccinated. And so is Tucker Carlson.

Doug Star
Doug Star 3 days

greene needs a rabies test

yuckycrumpet 4 days

She can’t even be honest to her constituents and admit she’s had it? Spineless.

E N..
E N.. 3 days

Hardly surprising Greene cited HIPAA in a way that showed she doesn't actually know how it works.

Outlaw 3 days

As if there's a remote chance she isn't vaccinated. She claims to be against it but isn't bragging she is avoiding it? Seriously? She's a loud mouth on everything else.

Doug Star
Doug Star Yesterday

What do you call a dead antivaxxer: ANS: A good start

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Marjorie Taylor Greene ducks vaccination question, cites HIPAA rights

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