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Arkansas’ ban on gender confirming treatments for trans youth blocked by judge

Arkansas’ ban on gender confirming treatments for trans youth blocked by judge

U.S. District Judge James Moody in Arkansas put a temporary hold on a law that would ban gender affirming medical care for transgender minors. This law is the first of its kind to be passed in the nation, and was set to go into effect in the coming week. The law comes in the backdrop of many other states also considering similar legislation.

Tom A
Tom A
Corn Pop【Bad Dude】
Corn Pop【Bad Dude】 4 days

genital mutilation doesn't improve clinical outcomes for transexual people, regardless of age, but it is associated with decreased chance of "growing out of it" for youth, locking victims into one of the most suicidal cohorts possible. Oh, we aren't following the science of this one? It's so hard to remember!

seamiki 4 days

I think all states should join. A minor needs to grow adult before taking such a life changing decision.

Dave 3 days

Awesome, so now the whole country knows that Judge James Moody is in favour of gential mutilation for children. These people need to be named and shamed.

Papa Joe
Papa Joe 4 days

Let children be children until they can understand this crazy stuff. Once upon a time children were not exposed to these things. Developing brains can be led a stray from the natural progression. Planting the wrong seeds can make for a garden of misery.

Emil J.
Emil J. 3 days

There is no such thing as a Trans Minor. They can't even pay their own bills.

Stefnir 3 days

Just pass a law that makes it illegal until they're 18.

Nate 3 days

James moody is moody because hes probably a pedophile who wants this. Hes moody by nature after all because of the fact hes blocking a law to prevent genital mutilation the most egregious act in medicine of minors. This guy should be disbared on ethics alone.

Milkshake 3 days

Corporations have finally woken up to the fact that transgenderism is a big money printing machine. Surgeries, lifetime hormone meds, lifetime painkillers for dilation, lifetime behavioral correction medication, dilators themselves, maintenance and corrective reconstruction operations such as facelifts and hair loss aversion as the effects of aging hit. The gender transition surgery alone is above $100k. The rest of the things are basically yearly subscription service that nets to millions in the long-term. If the Corporations, Pharma mainly, can lobby the government to create a free healthcare fund for transgenders at the expense of taxpayers, much akin to the free surgeries the US military provides for any transgenders who want to sign up and do their service, and being assigned to pushing papers or some other zero effort position within the army to make it easy on their glands - now we are talking assured monetary flow as the ability of transgenders to pay becomes moot since taxpayers will do it. On top of that, transgenders have extremely successful gofundme programs and donation ventures online. Capitalists are pretty much looking at a diamond mine here and have an incentive to get as many transgenders out of the closet as possible.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 3 days

Sad because it is child abuse to transition a child... if an adult makes an adult decision then all power to them... not a kid making an adult decision

Jon 3 days

Moody's ruling is on the baseless and unproven claims that gender reassignment surgery is life saving care (no data supports this) and thus that denying it would cause irreparable harm to the children by forcing them to go through puberty as the "wrong" gender ( a thought so new we weren't hearing it at the start of the year, again no data supports this). This is what comes of showing too much tolerance. While right thinking normal people were saying "well, it's not MY life, maybe that's what that person needs, I don't want to be authoritarian about it...", the people who support and advocate for this, and yes it has its avid supporters, rushed in and declared their unproven views to be standard medical care, and the people who should be fact checking them are afraid to be cancelled. So now our judges, ever too spineless to stand against injustice, are simply following the streambed that has been dug for them. All of this will reverse, spectacularly, when those children grow up and turn thirty, and realize that they are sterile, unable to find partners, realize that they were NOT trans, and show the world what real "irreversible harm" looks like as they sue their parents and the people who transitioned them. But to get there, those helpless children right there today must be sacrificed, and Judge Moody has just placed them upon the altar.

OrKos world
OrKos world 3 days

Schools are to blame for confusing kids as now they have teachers who are kids their own ideals.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 days

I'm up in the air about this. Yeah we shouldn't take away the choice of a child however kids literally don't know what they want they just like to follow trends. To them this could be a trend?

Morbo 3 days

In a country as litigious as the US, I'm surprised the lawyers and judges involved haven't considered the likelihood that thousamds of kids will be suing them in 10-20 years from now, when they realise this whole con is just part of a greater political movement towards Marxism.

Kyle G
Kyle G 3 days

Sadly at this rate it’s only a matter of time, unless the “conservatives” start going on the offensive and stop just playing defense.

Julian 3 days

What kind of sick, twisted parents brainwash their kids into mutilating themselves and ruining their lives forever

nathan 3 days

Fing activist judge needs removed. Sick teisted

Vark 3 days

Why don't pro Trans states just take trans/lgbt from states that don't want it culturally? They could be refugees.

James 3 days

All these Republicans in favor of government oversight and regulations. Be careful big brother is watching.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 3 days

More grooming support! And this is indeed the worst type of grooming imaginable!

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 3 days

Good, legislators should not be trying to take away rights of kids.

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Arkansas’ ban on gender confirming treatments for trans youth blocked by judge

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