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Federal Trade Commission votes 5-0 to approve Right to Repair rules

Federal Trade Commission votes 5-0 to approve Right to Repair rules

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) voted unanimously on Wednesday to enforce Right to Repair laws, thereby ensuring that US consumers will be able to repair their own electronic and cars. The FTC’s vote to approve the rules was expected. FTC issued a report in May that criticized manufacturers for restricting repairs and the issue has bipartisan support.

Jules 4 days

It’s about damn time. Way overdue and the fight for something so simple was unnecessary.

solodolo 3 days

Heard they were doing this to farmers in the midwest by disallowing them to repair tractors and farm machinery, in order to void warranties and therefore charge them to make repairs, especially for the computerized models. Just goes to show you that greed is a bipartisan effort. Glad our nation's farmers get to utilize cost saving measures

Erich 3 days

At first, I wondered why this was even a question. But as I read the Wired article, I can understand it’s not completely one-sided. For the most part, I agree the purchaser should own the right to repair the product. But will all manufacturer liability be rescinded should an owner be injured during or after the repairs?

Tetelestai 3 days

A big win for those of us in the DIY field. I would never go to the stealer (dealer) for anything unless I absolutely had to.

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 3 days

I hope blow, i mean Steve Jobs is rolling over in his shallow grave.

Tom 3 days

Fantastic. It’s also great cause it seems that this is something both parties agree on.

jay 3 days

Really good news either here unless you're Apple. They've built an entire business around forcing customers into an endless cycle of pay for hardware, pay for accessories, pay for services, pay for device integration, pay for usage, pay for repair, pay for hardware again, and that's finally going to end. However, considering the fact that Apple controls its supply chain pretty tightly, I'd be shocked if 3rd party repair shops can even get the components to fix Mac products - especially the new M1 lineup. We may have the right to repair, but can we get the parts to do the work? I highly doubt if Apple is going to stay selling M1 silicone, motherboards, or displays any time soon, and if that's the case then we'll be stuck with aftermarket parts that are interior to the original in virtually every way.

kaleb 4 days

Glad to see some semblance of intelligence in regulation.

IIZard 3 days

Rossman wins, fatality

Nate 4 days

If you believe this is good you are a fool. As an example...This means every time your 900$ iphone screen cracks you have to deal with apple and pay 150$ to fix it vs paying 50 to a skilled technician. This only hurts people. You can say its good all you want but the reality as a electronic engineer it puts too much limitation to apply your skills. Just another way for corperations who produce bad products intentionally to make you pay for their bullshit.

Sergio 3 days

LETS GOOOOOOOOOO all that work Louis Rossman put in actually paid off!!!

Matt 3 days

finally some good news

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 3 days

How many times are they going to be making this vote? This is like the 5th notification on this story! Oh yeah... Good job!

Chris 3 days

This could've put so many small mechanics out of business, and left dealerships to their evil.

Viviko 3 days

It only took almost a decade.

RunningBetween 3 days

Something I know both fields can agree on. This is helpful towards a more greener USA

norge 3 days

Looks like good paying jobs will be created from this rulings no more filling up dumps with frigerator washer and dryers

dingaring 2 days

I think that video of the 16 year old that talked about how he'd had a repair business since he was 12 really sealed the deal

Ron 3 days

Im so for this. Right to repair needs to be law

Jon 4 days

Down with the bloody big head!

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Federal Trade Commission votes 5-0 to approve Right to Repair rules

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