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Longtime GOP pollster predicts Trump’s chance at beating Biden

Longtime GOP pollster predicts Trump’s chance at beating Biden

Longtime GOP pollster Frank Luntz said Wednesday that President Trump needs to win Pennsylvania in order to have a chance at defeating Joe Biden. With 64% reporting from the state with 20 electoral votes, Trump leads 55.5% to Biden’s 43.1%. ’Donald Trump must win Pennsylvania if he’s to get to 270,’ Luntz said. Luntz’s forecast assumes that Trump wins Georgia as well as North Carolina.

Charles 3 months

Honestly I thought trump was full of crap but Michigan just updated and trump got 0 votes, jorgensen got 0 votes, biden? he got 128,000. Just saying that is a little sus

Ryan M
Ryan M 3 months

Trump will lose Pennsylvania, not because he didn't get enough votes, but because the party that just spent 4 years trying to cheat their way into power is still trying to cheat their way into power. God help America. If Pennsylvania somehow swings from 12 points in favour of Trump to even the narrowest of Biden victories, everyone with eyes will see that the result of the 2020 Presidential election was totally and utterly fraudulent.

Alex 3 months

Even if Biden manages to win, I don’t expect any crying on the level of the lefties these past 4 years and merely revert to normal criticism of the president’s actions. Provided the vote went fairly, of course.

Julian 3 months

I think the Supreme Court might decide at this rate

joseph 3 months

Whoever wins it’s going to be chaotic.

Change Matters
Change Matters 3 months

If this pays out the way the corporate press programmed it and Trumps lead vanishes I would expect and encourage the election to be contested

Rocky 3 months

Not True. He can also carry arizona and michigan or arizona and wisconsin for the win. All four are currently toss ups as of 3 pm Wednesday.

David 3 months

Honestly, if the Democrats lose this given the nightmare this country has endured these past four years then they have quite literally failed America.

Nicholas 3 months

Either way, something bad is gonna happen. A coup, a riot, etc.. You decide.

Bryan 3 months

Haha no craps cause if Biden wins Pennsylvania it is over.

Black jack
Black jack 3 months

Its called a snowballs chance.

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