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Biden, Trump start urgent fundraising for fighting legal battles over result

Biden, Trump start urgent fundraising for fighting legal battles over result

The Donald Trump and Joe Biden campaigns began urgent fundraising to fight the legal battle over disputed election results in several states. In an email sent to supporters seeking donations, Trump wrote: ’Despite the numbers that are very obviously in favor of your president, the Democrats will try to steal this election! … defend your president.’ Trump had said he was going to the court.

Tom A
Tom A
Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 3 months

Yes, that’s the way. We were prepared for this, and we saw this coming, since the time Dems forced mass mail in voting. Trump has this once again 🙌🏻

Zreak 3 months

A small part of me wants there to be concrete evidence of fraud just so that we can really focus on ensuring the security of our elections moving forward.

Amoneywilson 3 months

It will be hard to swallow Biden victory in MI and WI, since republicans won majority of the House and Senate in those states.

KarmaDharma 3 months

This is so sad. Democracy at its crappiest. The electoral college promotes corruption. We need popular vote now!

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 months

Bahahahaha oh man trump will literally say anything to the masses and they eat it up lol. Trump obviously cannot stand to lose. Biden 2020 let's go Dems. Let the right keep crying over mail in ballots.

The Lemon
The Lemon 3 months

Some states be like: Voting population 3.2 Million people Trump 1.6M Biden 1.6M Who can do math?

John W
John W 3 months

Philadelphia is blocking sny attempt to monitor the count, if anyone tires DA ssts they have a jsil cell waiting. poll watchers to stay away: 'I've got a jail cell'

Austin 3 months

I have donated to Biden. Donald Trump cannot claim victory before all votes are counted. This is a bridge to far for me.

the terrible rabbit of death
the terrible rabbit of death 3 months

Ballot fraud proven by projects veritas.

FactCheckerNeil 3 months

What does everyone think Trump will argue in court? He can't say election officials are printing out ballots it would easily be spotted.

Robert 3 months

TOO LITTLE TOO LATE Trumpy, you cheated in every way possible and you will get a good lesson because Biden is throttling your lying administration right now, like rats 🐀 they will start abandoning you before the ship even sinks. You have had to fire more people, people that YOU PERSONALLY selected. But I know you only employ the best HA HA HA HA HA all the swamp creatures are rustling, they can smell the blood 🩸 starting to flow from youre loss. Try to get Twitter to help, you are useless to them now, they can’t get much ad revenue from a loser like Trump . Biden will be You will need all the time off that’s coming for all the court cases you face and you will lose there even worse than this’re a god dam cheating lying piece of rancid dog 🐶 shit 💩💩. By cheating say horrible things to and about others, well this is just the start of paybacks. Losing the election is the most demoralizing thing that we can unload on TRUMPLESTILTSKIN. In actuality he’s getting away easy. If he loses at least he might not be impeached but his MASSIVE TROUBLE 😈 is just starting, there are more outstanding indictments against him than porcupine quills on a old Porcupine like him.

Chet 3 months

I told my maga friend exactly what Trump was going to do on election night. He said I was crazy & had "Trump Derangement Syndrome" I got him to say that if it were to happen A) it Would be fascist & B) he would not defend it. Now it is actually happening and guess what:he is defending it. USA is broken. MAGA is a fascist cult. Period.

edwin 3 months

Not surprising considering how many places "found" ballots upwards of 6 figures, had reporting issues, or were having polling staff give voter equipment that would invalidate their ballots...

Michael 3 months

So . . . Stop counting Wisconsin votes No wait, we need a recount Keep counting in Michigan Stop counting in Pennsylvania. . . Trump has no idea what he’s doing.

Leo Miggel
Leo Miggel 3 months

This seems retarded coming from both sides

Aleksei 3 months

The way our votes are counted needs to be overhauled. New options like blockchain counting need to be reviewed. This is a disgusting circus makes us look like a banana republic or a former Soviet satellite state.

William 3 months

So why were state's allowed to simply allow anyone and everyone to vote with 0 oversight? Mail in ballots are bs.... under the new circumstances, the liberal spammed ballots to every resident in the country.., if Biden is allowed to steal an election with o oversight, The united States is Dead, this country will not recover...hey but at least the illegals got to vote...

Muttley 3 months

Who is Tom A?

E n
E n 3 months

Trump can't prove the dems aren't playing fair, but that will never stop him whining about it.

snarley 3 months

This sad excuse for a man just can't save face for the life of him can he?

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