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Norway commemorates the 10th anniversary of right-wing attack that killed 77

Norway commemorates the 10th anniversary of right-wing attack that killed 77

Norway is commemorating the 10th anniversary of an attack by a right-wing terrorist that killed 77 people—the worst in the country’s history. On July 22, 2011, right-wing extremist Anders Breivik set off a bomb in Oslo, killing eight people and then shot and killed 69 mostly teen members of the Labor Party’s youth wing. Events around the country mourned the victims.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 5 days

“Astrid Hoem, a survivor from Utoya, who now leads the Labor Youth, said "we have not stopped the hatred" and urged the country to continue facing up to the racism in the country.” Got a lot of racism in Norway? If you do it hasn’t shown up since this knucklehead got bounced off the back wall of a jail cell. Astrid, don’t try and make this something it isn’t because I’d have to think you just another socialist standing on the dead to spout off about your pet cause. Mourn the dead, it’s a day of reflection.

seamiki 5 days

@Drun she is probably concerned that the recent climate of political aggressiveness could stir up another of those conservative nutjobs and she tries to avoid it. The one bad apple theory doesn't work: when you identified the roots of the problem you intervene on them to avoid that the problem repeats itself. New Zeland was a recent example of how the aggressive right wing rethoric is helping radicalizing nutjobs into terrorists. She is only saying: heads up, we aren't changed much since then and the same clate of hatred and racism could spew another terrorist. No better ovcasion to remind the public in my opinion.

T 5 days

Oh yeah, he was a Conservative Christian. So it’s called “isolated case”.

Jon 5 days

OK, sounds awful.

Jacob 4 days

Why does it say Right Wing in the backer-written title but not in any title of the related articles? Switched news apps twice now and I'm kind of sick of seeing these subtle biases in titles. Please just write a summary of the article, and a summation of the related titles too.

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