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Pelosi rejects Jordan, Banks for Jan. 6 committee

Pelosi rejects Jordan, Banks for Jan. 6 committee

House Minority Leader McCarthy threatened to withdraw all his picks for the select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol invasion unless House Speaker Pelosi reinstates the two Republicans she rejected. Earlier, Pelosi announced that she had vetoed GOP Reps. Jordan and Banks from participating in the House probe. She cited ’integrity of the investigation’ as a reason for their rejection.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 6 days

Skelator shows her true political hack intent. The committee she wants could just write its "findings" now and save everyone the time and effort of pretending they are actually "investigating " anything. F'ing 🤡🌐.

Jon 6 days

So this is modern bipartisanship. It's A-OK to go over your counterpart's list, announce that you have the majority, and veto anybody you think might disagree with you. A better system would have some sort of consequences built in, so that a blatantly partisan actor like Pelosi would suffer for gaming the system, to encourage all of her ilk on both sides to focus on governance rather than scoring tribal points. If only there were some accountability that these politicians had, if only we treated them like employees to be reviewedandeitherrehired or dismissedbased on performance, rather than random objects that we simply accepted at face value, as one would accept a glass of water.

Seekster 6 days

As if we needed more evidence that this so called "investigation" is anything other than a political circus.

Jon 6 days

🤣🤣🤣🤣😭. Sorry Gym Jordan no pedophiles allowed.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 6 days

Guess they failed the RINO test? No COVID either...

Alex 6 days

Good. I don't like Pelosi, but this was a smart move on her part. Two of the main instigators of this post-election mess. Bad faith actors who would've turned this whole process into a circus. Keep them out!

Idaho Liberal
Idaho Liberal 6 days

👏 she did the right thing. It would be like having flat earthers on a panel to investigate reality. Just doesn’t work to have those two ding dongs. All they would do is work to undermine the investigation.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 6 days

Just send the one Republican that “her majesty” WILL allow and leave the other two seats open and unoccupied. The MSM will break their own necks trying not to notice the empty seats. It will be hilarious watching Nancy stutter her way through a presser trying not to answer for the two empty chairs.

Skeptic 6 days

It is unfortunate that the GOP blocked a bi-partisan commission.

Salvador 6 days

Right wingers lack basic critical thinking skills, nuance, and empathy. It’s a fact.

Jon 6 days

Do the cultists even know what the Republicans wanted included in the scope of the original Jan 6th investigation? You won't hear this in the right wing echo chamber but; they wanted investigations into BLM protests from 2020 (remember this investigation is about Jan 6th) they want to include an investigation into the shooting of Steve Scalise from like 3 years ago and they wanted to include and investigation into whether the rioters were justified in believing the election was stolen, that's the context they wanted in which Nancy Pelosi said...No...what are you talking g about??🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Randall 6 days

The GOP will continue to do everything they can to stop this investigation because they were the ones behind the capital breach.

FactCheckerNeil 6 days

I thought she might do this, it'll look a bit silly if it included over of the people whose lies caused the insurrection in there first place. On the other hand, I was looking forward to him making it sound like this was a bunch of antifa tourist's arranged who were welcomed in by the Capital police. From the way he handled Trump's first impeachment I'm pretty sure he could. Somehow.

judd 6 days

Pelosi hand picking every Rino, every "never Trumper" she can get away with. Then she will claim, "This was a fair and balanced committee." This is nothing more then any clown show on tv.

Chris 6 days

These two are likely guilty of crimes related to the investigation. In a legitimate party they never would have been put forward. McCarthy knew this was likely to happen when he selected them. Pelosi did the right thing.

Jay 6 days

President Biden said in his town hall today they've been working on the coronavirus vaccine for 20 years two decades is that true we need a fact check on that

Glen 6 days

When packing the court, you don't want any opposition. Pelosi's cowardly way of governing.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 6 days

If only someone had tried to get an independent investigation....oh wait that's right EVERY SINGLE Republican voted against it. Made your beds now lie in them.

Andreas 6 days

Banks and Jordan had been among the enablers and instigators of this insurrection. Nationally they should not involved in investigating their own crime.

Wendy 6 days

GQP-TRAITORS have never played fair...Why should Pelosi (or ANY Democrat) put up with that?

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