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Rhode Island votes to change state’s full name over slavery connotations

Rhode Island votes to change state’s full name over slavery connotations

Rhode Island voters have passed a referendum that will drop the words ’Providence Plantations’ from the official state name – ’State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.’ According to AP, 53% of voters backed the move to do away with ’Providence Plantations.’ Rhode Island played a role in the transatlantic slave trade, launching more than 1,000 voyages to bring slaves from Africa to the US.

Seekster 2 months

I don't mind that the state changed its name but it bothers me that they changed it because of ignorant people who think that a plantation automatically has slaves. Do they not know that there are many plantations today that do not utilize slave labor?

coughdrop1989 2 months

You know what? While we're tearing down monuments, changing flags,and changing state names lets just burn all the history books and anything that remotely even suggests about slavery. Then we can burn all the marxis and fascist books so noone knows what it is, then we can usher in a utopia where everyone gets paid the same. Has to think the same. Has to dress the same. Same hair cut. Eat the same food etc. Sounds great right?!?

MrNobody 2 months

Lets change the name of whipped cream too, it makes me think of slavery. What logic..

Joe 2 months

Why change the policies in place that allow for brutality by the hands of your police force when you can change the name of a chunk of land and not actually do anything about the problem? That surely will show how not racist you are!

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 2 months

It’s Rhode Island, does anyone but the 27 people that live there care?

Ruain 2 months

Does that mean they're still keeping the 'and' lmao

Mutatis 2 months

Yet more ahistorical nonsense that is not worth the paper it is printed upon.

Jason 2 months

Ignoring your history and taking active measures to forget it will make them repeat it. Why can't people live with the reality that US had slavery and that's okay. Use these monuments and names as a reminder of what the country was and what it is now.

Special Ed
Special Ed 2 months

So they are now called 'State of Rhode Island and'. They should have also dropped the and, instead of only just the other two words.

S 2 months

Slave owners also ate ice cream. No more ice cream for anyone.

Unity.Nat 2 months

Isn't it kinda strange a state is considering plantations as a form of slavery? There have been plenty of places that have had plantations

ben 2 months

Providence Plantations was silly anyway...good on you for keeping the slavery connotation long after the period.

TheDadJokeGuy 2 months

Didn't even know that was in the name. Shows you how much I pay attention

Matt 2 months

Normally I think this sort of stuff is stupid but in this case I've only ever heard it called Rhode island so not sure this even makes any difference to the average person

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