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Supreme Court orders Pennsylvania Democrats to respond in vote-counting dispute

Supreme Court orders Pennsylvania Democrats to respond in vote-counting dispute

The Supreme Court has ordered Pennsylvania Democrats to respond by Thursday evening in a case disputing the state’s three-day extension for counting mail-in ballots. Pennsylvania Republicans argued the state’s Supreme Court does not have the authority to extend the deadline for counting mail-in ballots to 5pm, November 6 after the state legislature set the deadline as Election Day (November 3).

Tom A
Tom A
Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 1 months

The appointment of ACB looks like it may indeed be the decisive step that gives Trump another 4 years!

Chloe 1 months

It’s ridiculous that they were not prepared to count their mail in ballots like every other state.

Stoner Rick MJ-420
Stoner Rick MJ-420 1 months

How does a democracy work if all votes can't be counted? I think politicians like broken systems because it's easier to manipulate. Fix the voting system.

R 1 months

Ok then let's stop counting in Nevada and Arizona too. Trump wants to continue counting in states where he's down and stop counting in states where he's up. How can anybody support this? Either count or don't count but this hypocrisy is just absurd.

Motorrr 1 months

The cheek republicans have - to complain about the duration of counting votes while having blocked a proposal to have an earlier start of the counting over these last months

FactCheckerNeil 1 months

Apparently this Washington Times headline is a little misleading. Trump refiled a motion in a matter that the SCOTUS refused to hear last week. It's a procedural item, trump filed against dems so bthey must respond. Has anyone found a legal news site covering this?

Jim 1 months

It should be common sense that the law has to be followed. If democrats wanted mail in voting they should have been required to pass it through their legislatures and set policies for it, not wait until people vote and adjust the law as they count. It should also be a law that all states have to follow the exact same rules and laws for a Federal Election, do as you wish in your own state but for national stuff all of us should be doing the same thing !

Canna 1 months

It's almost as if one side hindered the postal system to make that deadline impossible.

Matt 1 months

This is exactly why acb had to be confirmed before election

SD 1 months

Not too much to ask that they at least respond. Were observers present or at least would they have been allowed in had they showed up?

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