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Bank of England expected to launch £150bn to ease lockdown 2.0

Bank of England expected to launch £150bn to ease lockdown 2.0

The Bank of England is expected to lessen the economic downturns of the lockdown by launching a £150bn quantitative easing programme. This could increase the bond buying programme by a staggering £845bn in an attempt to strengthen the economy during this second wave of the Corona virus pandemic.

Dave 2 months

For anyone confused QE is Quantative Easing. Basically pumping money into the economy to keep it running.

Shamura 2 months

Way to inflate the currency. You guys are tripping if you don't think the banks are coming out way on top because of this crisis. Most people think The Bank of England is government controlled, stoopid. The banks are making us debt slaves with the government as a benevolent benefactor "just trying to help and give handouts". Money is not wealth.

Crumpdiddy 2 months

In other words injecting inflation ok cool

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

We could just not have a lockdown 2.0, has anyone considered that idea?

Mikołaj 2 months

They "injected" the economy with inflation.

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