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Trump backers gather at now closed-off Arizona vote-counting center

Trump backers gather at now closed-off Arizona vote-counting center

Arizona’s Maricopa County has closed its vote-counting center to the media and the public after vocal supporters of President Donald Trump, some of whom were reportedly armed, gathered at the building alarming officials. However, poll workers continued to count ballots and report results despite the safety concerns prompted by the armed people outside.

Derp Duh Doy
Derp Duh Doy
E n
E n 2 months

Count every vote, if theres anything untoward lets see it proven. So far the Trump camp has only spouted allegation and innuendo.

Random Bit
Random Bit 2 months

I like it... a potentially rioting Repub mob gathers and suddenly it’s an issue? Where was everyone’s concern for 90+ days earlier this year?

Karlo 2 months

Arizona seems to allow open/concealed carry without permit - so is it surprising that there are armed persons in any group of people? Granted, polling places on election day are prohibited areas, but there seems to be no mention in either of the linked article that armed persons (other than LEO's) were inside polling places.

Mozgus 2 months

The media so wants Trump supporters to do a bad thing. Come on guys, just this once. Do a bad thing. Be the monsters they have called you for 4 years.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 2 months

This is what letting cultist mentality in politics get out of control results in.

Shane 2 months

At least these protests are peaceful, unlike the violence and riots we've seen from BLM over the year

Kimberly 2 months

Can someone point me to the demand to watch the count in Trump won states? Or the outcry in those states to stop the count or start a recount on called states.....having a hard time finding those reports,thank you. Edit to clarify request. Thanks!

edwin 2 months

Arizona should be fine, though some votes may need manual review due to ink bleed. As for other states, WI and MI need an audited recount to weed out the dead people that registered and voted this year.

Neil 2 months

Good! Let these fraud criminals know that their undermining of this Constitutional Republic comes at a price. You willing to pay cheaters? Make no mistake you will- this isn’t a game- better take a deep breath and think it through.

Jim 2 months

Interesting how the media works, when BLM members loot and burn buildings the media goes out of its way to tell us that it was a small group out of a mostly peaceful group When a small group of armed conservatives show up among the larger group the media’s headline is Armed Trump supporters ...... Only problem is that only one of those small groups is legal, the media dosent distinguish or acknowledge a difference

Tyler 2 months

Wouldn’t you want them to continue to count the votes? Trump isn’t exactly winning at the moment.

The Facts Provider
The Facts Provider 2 months

Crazy Trump supporters inciting violence. This will not stand! Deport them.

SD 2 months

Sore losers...just like their leader, the Orange Fuhrer.

Burger 2 months

Those a**holes need to go home and let the poll workers do their jobs.

MIDESSA 2 months

Oh you guys sure know how to start my mornings lol. All you chest beaters should contact some BLM leaders they'll show y'all how to riot. Lol the human intellectual complexities are simply astounding. So how many of you trump supporters have been in a space ship? How camping with big foot?

Trevelyn 2 months

They are using that as a excuse to tamper with the votes .There is no excuse to not let the media in After all 99,9% Had sold out our great country .Hell they would help Democrats win .

The Troy Prouty
The Troy Prouty 2 months

I'm getting pretty tired of hearing trumpbsupporters being aggressive to Intimate things. This is not what we are. We are not bullies attempt to underline everyone else. Frankly I never want any leader to act and influence a nation so negative like Donald Trump has done. It's not right.

endubito 2 months

Those sub human deplorable scum. Lock up the trumpeter cultists and rid us of the meddlesome pests. Exterminate!

Graven 2 months

Stop the Lies and the swampbeasts!!!!!!!!! CANCEL TWITTER AND FACEBOOK, SWITCH YOUR SEARCH ENGINE TO DUCK DUCK GO! May freedom and liberty be forevermore.

joe 2 months

Knuckle dragging meth heads lol

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