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Trump sues in three states as Biden’s lead widens

Trump sues in three states as Biden’s lead widens

The Trump campaign announced it is filing lawsuits to stop ballot counting in Michigan and Pennsylvania, and to prevent the counting of absentee ballots in Georgia that allegedly arrived after a deadline. The Michigan lawsuit alleges the Trump campaign did not get adequate access to areas in election boards where ballots are being counted. Multiple suits are also underway in Pennsylvania.

Rof 2 months

For socialists, the ends justifies the means even if it means destroying America

IvoryDove 2 months

Why count illegal ballots? If the postmark is after the 3rd, throw it in a dumpster. If the address it came from does not have a resident by the name on the ballot, throw it away.

Canna 2 months

Called it. Neither side will take this loss without a fight. One has a 3.5 million lead in the popular vote and more electorals, but the other side is tantruming. Not stating parties because they're both the same.

Anonymous 2 months


James 2 months

Shocking the man has been crying fraud for 4 years. He must have mirrors everywhere.

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