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Key uncalled states that could decide the fate of Biden and Trump

Key uncalled states that could decide the fate of Biden and Trump

Two days after votes were cast, there remains no clear winner of the presidential election. Joe Biden leads with 264 electoral votes compared with President Trump’s 214. As it stands, five states remain uncalled; Pennsylvania (20 votes, Trump leads), Nevada (6 votes, Biden leads), Georgia (16 votes, Trump leads), North Carolina (15 votes, Trump leads) and Alaska (3 votes, Trump leads).

Patrick 3 months

Something fishy going on with Nevada. I think Trump is going to take it and they're scrambling recounting the votes over and over in disbelief. And what's up with California? I swear that state is a disease and a drain on our country. I could care less how many people live there, their impact on the vote is disgusting.

Asura Bomb
Asura Bomb 3 months

This doesnt make sense. States that weren't as close for Joe to win aren't being called for Trump who are closer by a margin. This is a disgrace to our election system.

skrappjaw 3 months

Michigan will be a court battle. James Okeef of Project Veritas got a tip from a USPS worker that witnessed stamping late ballots with an earlier date. Also, there's video that the inspector General saw and is now involved. Gonna be crazy

Dylan 3 months

Az is not in Biden’s hands yet Trump is only down 69k votes and has been closing the gap little by little Edit; Az not Pa

Patrik Kišeda
Patrik Kišeda 3 months

Trump would have to win everything which is objectivelly almost impossible when taking into account that most votes still not counted yet are probably democratic.

Tyler 3 months

Maybe TDS acronym could mean: Trump Defeated Syndrome? I'm just playing, trying to keep a sense of humour!

Come on Man!!
Come on Man!! 3 months

They’ll call states for Biden with 70% in and he’s up by 1% but won’t call state’s for Trump when there’s 97% in and he’s up by 2%?

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 3 months

Viva Frei and Robert Barnes give a pretty good account of where we're at with this mess of an election:

Zeek 3 months

I don't understand how this race hasn't been decided yet. Did we have this just difficulty back in 2016? Last I remembered I went to bed and the winner was decided.

Mike Clark
Mike Clark 3 months

This is going to be the most recounted and investigated election. Whoever is the winner is going to spend the next 4 years defending the legitimacy of their presidency, therefore getting nothing done. Trump was right, mail in was a dumb idea. If you can defend protesting, you can defend voting in person. Wear a mask, wash hands, tick, push a button or whatever, wash hands again and go home.

Koolsee 3 months

Arizona still has 600,000 ballots to be counted and they declared it a Biden win it doesn't make sense.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 months

Ah man the right wing nut jobs really go wild on conspiracies when they are losing or when there is something bad about Trump. The right just can't accept losing and this is them trying to twist it around by making up wild no evidence claims and then start to spread it like it's the plague.

porcus 3 months

Summary [expand]: Trump WON Republicans lost Biden lost Democrats lost - no gains This was a carefully orchestrated effort by the Democrats to hit the public on multiple emotional levels - fear of health, fear the POTUS was irresponsible, fear of the economy, fear of being "bad people" (rAcIsTs) The Democrats hammered that message HARD since the start of the coof And, if it had not been for the coof... they would have had NOTHING; the Democrats would have not only lost this election but also the House. That strategy gave them a wedge to use to eek out a pyrrhic victory, and they used it Still, it was not enough for Biden to win BUT It kept the Democrats from being utterly routed in Congress. They will hold the House, and that is about it The Democrats colluded with the media and tech, that much is obvious. Everyone knows it and saw it. And Trump is to blame for the tech collusion; He and the gutless Republicans knew about it and did nothing to stop it He flubbed a few things early in the year and was never able to shake it off - his various gaffes about the coof is probably the biggest and most obvious But Trump will win. Barely. like I mentioned earlier, Biden has to hold EVERYTHING right now to get just 270, the bare minimum. Biden doesn't have it. Trump holding onto his office is the GOOD news The bad news is: - The Senate is now split evenly without a Republican majority there - The House is still held by the Democrats (by 14) So.... it is questionable what, if anything, can be done by the government I am seriously pïssed at the fúcking worthless Republicans that AGAIN did nothing to rip out Obamacare, the bãstards The next four years under Trump look to be a gigantic span of nothingness without a controlling majority in either branch of Congress - Biden investigation is dead - Border Wall probably dead - No more justice confirmations - Trade War is very iffy The Republican party needs to get rid of its fuddy-duddy members and reinvigorate itself

Terry 3 months

Democrats planed this with their mail in ballots so they could cheat. Nobody showed at Biden rallies. And everyone knows Biden will never make as president. They want communists kamela in there.

chris 3 months

It would be nice if each state got 1 vote.

David 3 months

Should read the fate of Americans

Chad 3 months

How many Russians put a gun to your head when you voted? Was it the same was 2016?

Damien 3 months

So it all boils down to Nevada

a commoner
a commoner 3 months

Reminds me of the hanging chad

a commoner
a commoner 3 months

If it is for Biden at the end you will see blocking etc. by the right. What you wont see is a 4 year temper tantrum by the right as we have for the last 4 years

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