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Chris Christie slams Trump for declaring victory

Chris Christie slams Trump for declaring victory

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie blasted President Trump’s comments about claiming victory and threatening to ask the SCOTUS to halt more vote-counting. Christie said there is no evidence to back Trump’s claim of Democrats trying to fraudulently steal the election. Christie called Trump’s allegations a ’bad strategic decision,’ adding ’he has undercut his own credibility.’

Seekster 3 months

I agree with Christie. It was a dumb move to declare victory without 270+ electoral votes.

Alyse 3 months

Much respect, Christie. Dem or Rep, it’s imperative in a democratic society to count all the votes before deciding a winner.🇺🇸

PC Radical Centrist🔴🔵🟢🟡
PC Radical Centrist🔴🔵🟢🟡 3 months

No matter who, until the facts are in, no one should be claiming victory.

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