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President Trump campaign lawsuits are dismissed in Michigan and Georgia

President Trump campaign lawsuits are dismissed in Michigan and Georgia

The Trump campaign has filed two lawsuits one in Georgia and one in Michigan. In both cases, the issue claimed was that mail in ballots were being improperly counted. Judges in both states determined there was no evidence for this and both cases have been dismissed.

Tyler 3 months

Why would he follow through? It’s a dumb lawsuit. Clearly the 45th doesn’t know how voting works. He should have told his supporters to vote via mail.

Jon 3 months Before any of you liberals decide to open up your mouth watch this video please. I am Ploor you to watch it because it's not about trump winning or losing it's about the sanctity of all of our votes

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 3 months

Civil war here we go

Gabriel Bertsch
Gabriel Bertsch 3 months

Good luck with the looming crisis, American friends. You've headed down a very dangerous path. More and improved taxes, more lockdowns, more impunity for rioters, split house & senate and it's implications, less policing, China is happy Biden won and are already taking full advantage. I'm not seeing it, my dudes. The world needs a strong America.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 months

A victory for democracy and it's ppl. At best a recount and even then doubtful trump would win. This is great go Biden go!!! Trump 4 Prison 2021

porcus 3 months

So the relief asked was to observe, and the judge denied that. The next step will be to require a vote recount.

Lcifer 3 months

All that means is it gets kicked up to the supreme court now......and considering the videos coming out of some of these places where biden pulled a miracle out of a bag there will be recounts and this will be tied up in courts until dec at the earliest

E n
E n 3 months

Come one Nevada, lets go three for three!

Mutatis 3 months

Meh, just do transparent recounts on all the contested states. It seems the easiest way to put this to bed.

Steve 3 months

Seems Trump is getting more and more desperate. Who would like to bet he refuses to give a concession speech.

Zeek 3 months

Michigan clearly shows a large spike of votes. The likelihood those were all Biden's is low. I haven't seen Georgia's graph yet. In addition to the behavior of ballot counters, which are boarding up windows to stop observation is at least suspicious. Those judges are bias.

Warlock 3 months

Literal videos online of 'counters' filling in ballorlts whilst security guards watch over in boarded off rooms. Dead people voting. Multiple votes going to single households. I don't like Trump but this election has clearly been rigged - America deserves what comes next for allowing itself to turn into a 3rd World country...

Jonathan 3 months

So awesome...this idiot will not only lose the election, but he’s gonna lose every suit he brings forward. So he’s kinda like a double loser...maybe a triple loser.

Angie 3 months


Doug 3 months

Some lawyers saying lawsuits comically weak and might just be theater for the gullible MAGA base.

frank 3 months


Lev !🇺🇸 MINISTRY OF TRUTH 3 months

good job - Your honor, thank you for grabbing Trumps lawyers "by the puhssy". But please don't forget to wash your hands, who knows where that's been.

Epirus 3 months

Please note that after i die, i will be voting republican.

Stephen 3 months

Watch this video!! Proves Democrats are stealing the election.

Delterra 3 months


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