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’Upwards’ of 40,000 ballots left to be counted in Philadelphia

’Upwards’ of 40,000 ballots left to be counted in Philadelphia

Election officials from Philadelphia announced that the city has ’upwards’ of 40,000 ballots remaining to be counted, which could take ’several days’ to complete. The officials announced that they would wait for election staff ’to count every single vote’, and further urged residents to ’stay calm and above the fray.’ ’The votes will continue to be counted,’ Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney said.

Tom A
Tom A
John W
John W 2 months

"Glitch"😄 caused republican votes to be counted as democrat. Found 6000 votes so far, but this""glitc"" effects 47 more counties in Michigan. Does it get more obvious, probably tip of Nation wide""glitc""🤡 http////youtu./e/6Jp0pEU5fn8 http////www.foxnews.c/m/politi/s/michigan-gop-chairwoman-says-software-glitch-tallied-thousands-of-republican-votes-as-democrat

Not Extreme
Not Extreme 2 months

More votes for Biden 👍🇺🇸💪

Randall 2 months

Uncle Sam tells Donald Trump... YOU'RE FIRED!

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