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Some Republicans break from Trump over election fraud claims

Some Republicans break from Trump over election fraud claims

Republicans pushed back against President Trump’s claims of election fraud. Sen. Toomey said in a statement, ’all parties involved must accept the outcome of the election’ following the final election count. Rep. Hurd called Trump allegations ’dangerous & wrong.’ ’STOP Spreading debunked misinformation,’ tweeted Rep. Kinzinger. Maryland Gov. Hogan said there was no defense for Trump’s comments.

Hypnotica 2 months

So pretty much, democrats had no class or integrity in 2016, cause none of them accepted that election!

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 2 months

Makes you wonder what the Dems offered them, how much is election integrity these days?

Kathy 2 months

Rightfully so....time to leave the sinking ship

The Troy Prouty
The Troy Prouty 2 months

Hope so. They should. He is unstable and a threat.

aaron 2 months

I’m sorry how could they remotely say it was “debunked” I’ve literally seen ten videos showing ballots being filled out on the counting floor.

Jon 2 months

The fascist does not want to give up power. It's gonna be really hard for him going from someone immune to anything to now just a citizen again🤣

Alyse 2 months

Much respect for them! Every vote must count in this democracy. No excuse for seeing doubt about our process. Trump’s claims are dangerous, stupid and in bad faith.

snarley 2 months

And now we start to see the Republicans re-establish a backbone.

Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon 2 months

Well when you see the numbers for votes change drastically live you can't but help think fraud. How does Jo go from 35k confirmed votes in a district to then having 1k and the other candidates getting those votes? This whole thing smells so fishy.

joseph_uke 2 months

If you don’t like it... then leave. Didn’t y’all say that to us? Take ur advice 😪🤚🧋💙✨

MozartFX 2 months


O'Brien 2 months

And they, for one, welcome their new insect overlords.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 2 months

I mean he hasn't provided any evidence of fraud. And neither has anyone else. I mean let's be honest I wanna see a fraudulent voting registration. But no one has any of that kind of proof just other people saying things.

Hans Gisbert
Hans Gisbert 2 months

How late can they be? Trump has been misinforming the public for the last four years. Now that they drop him, he will be waiting for them somewhere in the dark.

solodolo 2 months

So let me get this straight....the MSM, sensible Republicans, pollsters, swing state governments, pollsters, and the democratic party are all conspiring to cheat trump out of the election? You all on the far right can't seriously think that right? Because that means we're going to have to throw you all away in the alex jones trash bin.

filthynice 88
filthynice 88 2 months

All you Fairweather Americans can sit and spin I can advocate, protest, and speak out for or against anything I dam well please.. and any attempt to invalidate or belittle me or my opinions should me met with civil debate and not evasion, dismissal,or deflection...

ORANGE MAN 2 months

some. 3 people

Mary 2 months


FactCheckerNeil 2 months

Translation... "Some Republicans want to salvage their credibility" 😆

Thrice Hated
Thrice Hated 2 months

God Help America! She needs all help she could get.

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