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’Trespassers’ can be escorted out of the White House: Biden campaign

’Trespassers’ can be escorted out of the White House: Biden campaign

The Presidential campaign of Joe Biden seemed to troll President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede, as it said ’The United States government is perfect capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.’ Andrew Bates, the campaign spokesperson also said ’As we said on July 19th, the American people will decide this election.’ CNN had reported that Trump has no plans to concede to Biden.

Colleen Johnston
Colleen Johnston 2 months

My 14 Articles of impeachment I wish to present on Donald J Trump       The 1st article of impeachment is a combo of violation of Article II and Article I Section 9 through Abuse of Power.   2.  In 230 years no President has ever refused peaceful transition of power – if not peaceful we can only assume an attempt of military coup. “Coup d’etat” and an act of Treason.   3.  Obstruction of Justice, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone and the Mueller investigation.   4. Violation of the Hatch Act. Violation of the Criminal Provision of using federal employee’s for election purposes.   5. Violation  of the Federal Election Act with foreign interference per transcript. “You do this, and I will give you this”   6. Violation of the appropriations clause anti deficiency Act   Funds and use are appropriated by Congress only.   7.  Violation of “Fighting Words Doctrine” “Liberate” for political purposes.   8.  Violation of Due Process to exhibit faithful execution of Laws under Presidential Oath.   9.  Violation of Duty to answer subpoenas, and release information from branches of government (Separation of power)   10.  Violation of executive order and National Emergency Waivers to reflect laws that are should be created and enforced by other branches.   11.  Intentional Lack of Confirmations of Cabinet.   12.  Violation of duties of Treaties. All Treaties must be enacted or abolished by the Senate,  Federalist papers 75.   13. Violation of Federalist papers  65. Abuse of Public Trust. Lying about covid19, using speech to incite violence and divide.   14. Election Fraud. Postal service, telling people to illegally vote twice, disinformation and asking for intimidation.  

dano 2 months

Escorted?!? I’d toss that Orange Putin puppet out by his toupee

Commodore 2 months

#butthurt #trumptards

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

The 'narrative' must be maintained at any cost.

America 2 months

Illegal votes don't count.

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