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Job growth slowed down in Oct as Covid-19 cases in US surged

Job growth slowed down in Oct as Covid-19 cases in US surged

Hiring across US hindered in Oct as Covid-19 cases surged across the country. Employers added 638,000 jobs in Oct, a marginal decline from 672,000 the previous month, confirmed Labor Department. However, the nation’s unemployment rate dropped by a 100bps, to 6.9%, as more unemployed workers found jobs. The economy has recovered about 12mn of the 22mn jobs lost in April and May owing to pandemic.

Jim 2 months

Just a taste of what’s to come. Democrats in Oregon are already instituting another “pause” due to covid concerns ( which they didn’t have for BLM rally’s). Biden will have to continue the narrative in order to be the savior. Expect nationwide shut downs again ( like England) and for the economy to really tank this time. They have to do this in order to eventually announce a reopening when Covid is cured by the efforts they will tell us Trump should have taken. They will claim credit when a vaccine is released also. Just remember despite any virus we all have to eat and live, that cost money - you won’t be working and you won’t get anymore than crumbs from the liberals, they’ve done no better with stimulus bills than conservatives have. Nancy even put millions of dollars for the Arts foundation in the last one, as we were shut down. These politicians have been lying to us at an enormous rate, I don’t trust any of them

filthynice 88
filthynice 88 2 months

So the rapid employment efforts that quickly shrank the pool of unemployed Americans has nothing to do with this "slowing down" ?? It's all just a simple virus?... Well good luck with multitasking or planning ahead if that's the case

Maria 2 months

Virus types come and go! Most people that catch one don’t die but LIVE. If so many people have died from Covid...where are the bodies? You would think when the MSM posts thousands and thousands of Covid deaths there would be mass funerals. And have people stopped dying from everything else? The public has been a victim of global plots to gain control of every part of your life. And we have let them. Social media has censored information the public receives. We no longer live in a free country.

Oliver Biscuit
Oliver Biscuit 2 months

Maria. Yep. Covid doesn't even come close to the top 10 reasons for death. The person directly above me. Also correct. Pelosi said it in the summer, covid and lockdowns go away when. Trump is gone. If I were American, I'd have voted Trump just to spit in her face for the blackmail.

Amoneywilson 2 months

Amazing that the job availability was so high at all. We will miss this once taxes will go sky high.

KOAN. 2 months

Thanks Biden

Glen 2 months

Biden to the rescue, I'm sure he'll solve the problem. He has a plan.

Everardo 2 months

Don't worry Covid will all but disappear in The US once Biden is officially in Office, it will be like when the Swine Flu went under the radar during Obama's run as president.

M. Schlegel
M. Schlegel 2 months

So botching the Covid response might actually be bad for the economy? You don't say!

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