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Global markets surge as investors react to Biden win

Global markets surge as investors react to Biden win

Stocks in Asia-Pacific jumped Monday as investors reacted to media reports projecting a win for Joe Biden in the US presidential race. In Japan, the Nikkei 225 jumped 2.12%. Mainland Chinese stocks were up with the Shanghai composite up 1.86%. European markets too have opened sharply higher. Oil prices gained more than 2%. Futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average trade 390 points higher.

Jon 3 months

Wait, what's that, BIDEN might win?? *Sound of economy slinking off to die in a corner*

Max Bants
Max Bants 2 months

Welp. Say goodbye to your bullish economy.

michael 2 months

So funny, the salt from the right. Just straight up denying the content. To be fair though, regardless of who won, the markets would have gone up. The market likes stable. Even rapid growth is bad because it's usually a bubble.

Crumpdiddy 2 months

Lol all my friends in Japan and Taiwan on social media are upset over Biden projected as the winner. Most people in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan can’t stand Biden and are stressed out about future business growth. The last 3 days in my feed has just been everyone disappointed

Glen 2 months

Economy will tKe biggest dive in our history, as the Demacrats rejoice.

Rocky 2 months

Globalism on the rise. Global stocks rise at the cost of American jobs and market share. Here we go with the American apology your 2.0. All Americans should be praying the hand recount establishes Trump as the president so we can continue on the track of routing out the progressive poison in our politics and keep unapologetically putting American interests first.

M. Schlegel
M. Schlegel 2 months

OOOh our economy, it will so crash! Wait, stocks surge? Experts predict Bidens plans to cause more growth than Trumps? Historically Democrats did way better on economy than Republicans? Yeah, I guess it's just science that is wrong, no other explanation possible.

Darin 2 months

Full return of globalism

Alex 3 months

Maybe a good time to invest in some Chinese companies since Snakey Joe looks CCP so much!

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