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Johnny Depp exits Fantastic Beasts films

Johnny Depp exits Fantastic Beasts films

After a failed libel case against the Sun tabloid newspaper over an article from 2018 which termed the actor as a ’wife beater’, Johnny Depp has exited the Fantastic Beasts franchise claiming that he was asked to leave by Warner Bros. The announcement was made by the actor via a letter posted on Instagram where he claimed the decision was made ’in light of recent events’.

Tom A
Tom A
Montgomery 3 months

His other girlfriends claimed that he never hit them. Ambers crazy pulled out his crazy and it's his fault? I've known girls like her and their bad news

Jon 3 months

I think I speak for a surprising number of people when I say to hell with the Sun, to hell with AH, and to hell with the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

Dave 3 months

The courts over here in the UK are an absolute joke, not a funny one either. They were given actual recorded audio of Amber admitting to hitting Johnny and mocking him because no one would believe him. And they still took her side. He needs to appeal it to our High Courts and Supreme Court. One feminist judge who denies evidence shouldn't be allowed to hand him a career death sentence. In fact the judge needs to be disbarred and all of their previous judgements investigated.

Damian 3 months

Crimes of Grindelwald was a real shitshow anyway, lost all interest in eventual sequels.

John 3 months

Heard has been convicted of DV on a former partner & is on tape admitting she abused him. This is just Hollywood doubling down on their Uber-left/feminist agenda. Modern movies suck because of this BS.

S 3 months

Meanwhile costar Ezra Miller choked out a female fan live on camera back in April and is still in the franchise. I don't give a sh!t about Depp, or Beasts, but at least be consistent.

David Webb
David Webb 2 months

Rubbish films anyway

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 3 months

Thank you feminism.

Irish Dave
Irish Dave 3 months

Guess we live in a post evidence world.

david dindu
david dindu 3 months

They believed all whamannn.

Girthquake 3 months


Glen 3 months

Bad legal decision. Bad movie decision.

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