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Trump has no plans to immediately concede the election

Trump has no plans to immediately concede the election

As per Fox News, President Trump does not have plans to immediately concede the election, despite Joe Biden leading in key states that could deliver him enough electoral votes to declare him the winner. The aide, quoted by Fox, said the Trump ’may ultimately concede’, but ’he’s just not there yet.’ Meanwhile, Trump campaign general counsel Matt Morgan said Friday, ’This election is not over.’

porcus 3 months

And there is the new narrative - tRuMp WoN't LeAvE pEaCeFuLlY. The reality is that the courts are going to be involved, challenges, recounts, etc will be performed. This will take till the end of December, possibly.

Chet 3 months

This was all orchestrated. The gop refused to allow mail in votes to be counted early in PA. Trump already convinced his cult that mail in votes were fraud. They wanted Trump to be able to claim victory and then spread conspiracies. All planned. All predictable. Many mask-less gatherings to come.

Batman of Clownworld
Batman of Clownworld 3 months

Why is it every anti-Trump message here is seemingly written in pidgeon english? I mean does TDS come with diminished brain capacity? Also why do they all try to come up with childish ways of saying Trump; i.e. frump, drumpf, etc. Also the right doesn't reeeeeee when someone trys to steal from us we get even. Ask the British what happen when you try and mess with Americans.

Son Of Shaw
Son Of Shaw 3 months

Imagine being an Intelligent Democrat. You just spent the last four years calling Trump a Russian agent, screaming orange man bad, Kavanaugh is a rapist, orange man bad... Now where their actually appears to be voter fraud (literally video of poll workers bringing in boxes, containers, filling in ballots.) They might be book smart, but they lost the ability to think.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 3 months

The fact of the matter remains, that if Biden wins, that within four years, you wont be able to tell much difference between The US, and Communist China. This cannot be allowed to happen, at any and all cost. This isnt something that will be talked about, and then passed over socially. We are on the brink of entering a true civil war.

The Troy Prouty
The Troy Prouty 3 months

My hope is they impeached him next week. For... My 14 Articles of impeachment I wish to present on Donald J Trump       The 1st article of impeachment is a combo of violation of Article II and Article I Section 9 through Abuse of Power.   2.  In 230 years no President has ever refused peaceful transition of power – if not peaceful we can only assume an attempt of military coup. “Coup d’etat” and an act of Treason.   3.  Obstruction of Justice, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone and the Mueller investigation.   4. Violation of the Hatch Act. Violation of the Criminal Provision of Con Deering employee’s for election purposes.   5. Violation  of the Federal Election Act with foreign interference per transcript. “You do this, and I will give you this”   6. Violation of the appropriations clause anti deficiency Act   Funds and use are appropriated by Congress only.   7.  Violation of “Fighting Words Doctrine” “Liberate”   8.  Violation of Due Process to exhibit faithful execution of Laws under Presidential Oath.   9.  Violation of Duty to answer subpoenas, and release information from branches of government (Separation of power)   10.  Violation of executive order and National Emergency Waivers to reflect laws that are should be created and enforced by other branches.   11.  Intentional Lack of Confirmations of Cabinet.   12.  Violation of duties of Treaties. All Treaties must be enacted or abolished by the Senate,  Federalist papers 75.   13. Violation of Federalist papers  65. Abuse of Public Trust   14. Election Fraud.  

Eileeñ 3 months

On a normal person you can expect the president to conceive but this a 3 year old that is use to complaining and painting himself as the victim here . sad that people around him cant control him if e everyone unified push back at trump I guarantee that trump would have no other choice but walk a looser

Matthew 3 months

My flatmate and I were talking and he suggested that given the levels of petty Trump is not ashamed to stoop down to he may not even attend the enorgeration ceremony in January. He may chose to resign the office claiming it is "out of protest against the election" just so Mike can attend the enorgeration and shake Joe's hand instead of Donald having to do it. Sounds crazy but as we have all come to reolise, nothing is to crazy for this president.

Beth 3 months

Trump does not need to concede for Biden to become president. It is a formality.

Phillip 3 months

I wouldn't either, Im amazed on how foul people are not even doubting for a sec that thewe elections we're a complete disaster

Seekster 3 months

As someone who voted for Trump I will say this to him. Trump you have until January to prove that there was foul play. After that you best step down.

Rof 3 months

There's at least 6k fraudulent votes in Nevada alone. This is not over by a long shot

OrKos world
OrKos world 3 months

Without trump the economy is going to take a massive dump. I actually wanna see this happen so that the people who wanted trump out can whine and complain that they are paying to much in taxes and that they are getting screwed left, right and center.

LazyDog 3 months

I don't see him ever conceding the election. On his death bed he'll be still talking about how it was stolen from him and his kids will continue talking about it. Hell, I expect we'll still be hearing about it for years and years and years......

Jim 3 months

As a Trump supporter I say it’s time to provide proof of fraud or other illegal acts or concede. We a as supporters cannot claim democrats are frauds, which they are generally, and then be frauds ourselves. Put up or shut up, Democracy is more important than one person !

David 3 months

Its 2000 all over again. Neither should concede nor claim victory. Let everything play out.

Shenanigans 3 months

Trump is like that little peace of meat stuck between your teeth ( you Trump supporters who still have them know what I'm saying) that you just keep picking at but just won't go away but you know it's just a matter of time before you reach it.

kat 2 months

What utter b.s. I don't believe for a second that there are enough people inthe US with their heads buried so far under a rock that Biden could have recieved enough votes to win the election. Especially with all of the concrete evidence that has been stacking up against him and the leaders of his party. I wouldn't trust the man to run a bake sale much less the country

Tiggs 3 months

Evidence, evidence - EVIDENCE! — Show me any tangible evidence and I will support you, so far he has got nothing but nefarious showman bravado! 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♀️

Delterra 3 months

Dictator Trump being a big 🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🚼🚼

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