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Biden within sniffing distance of clinching presidency, Trump cries foul

Biden within sniffing distance of clinching presidency, Trump cries foul

Joe Biden has reached a position that has nearly sealed his victory in the US presidential election as he gained critical leads on vote counts in Georgia and Pennsylvania against President Donald Trump. While the Trump campaign insisted the election wasn’t over, Trump, during a media briefing, said, ’This is a case when they are trying to steal an election, they are trying to rig an election.’

Ruain 1 months

Bravo on the headline lmfao

Lenwë 1 months

If Biden legitimately wins, I can accept that. Same for Trump.

Cory 1 months

LOL😂🤣😅, you really put out a headline about Biden being "n "sniffing dista"ce"!

The Right Perspective
The Right Perspective 1 months

I see what you did there 😂

Terry 1 months

Cheating mfs may they rot in hell, we vote and they cheat

AgentStepford 1 months

Yeah, they are going to have to fumigate the White House furniture to get out the stench of brimstone and fastfood.

Thrice Hated
Thrice Hated 1 months

Biden goes to Oregon for his victory speech and publicly sniffs as part of it. This would certainly be a befitting kind of celebration to commemorate the event and the circumstances...

WWIII 1 months

Yeah he sniffs kids, this election is a Fukien joke, Democrats have been planning how to steal it for 4 years in between crying to get Trump out of office all while he’s made EVERYONES life better and our country safer

karma 1 months

Great headline.. Pedophiles behaviours sure are funny Who would vote for this guy

John W
John W 1 months

"Glitch"😄 caused republican votes to be counted as democrat. Found 6000 votes so far, but this""glitc"" effects 47 more counties in Michigan. Does it get more obvious, probably tip of Nation wide""glitc""🤡 http////youtu./e/6Jp0pEU5fn8 http////www.foxnews.c/m/politi/s/michigan-gop-chairwoman-says-software-glitch-tallied-thousands-of-republican-votes-as-democrat

Quinten stroud
Quinten stroud 1 months

Whoever wrote this title, Babylon Bee should hire you.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 months

Go Biden go. Beat the proven rap ist. Take back our democracy and our country and turn it back into a proud country.

Lawrence 1 months

BETTER KEEP UP WITH THE NEWS. It's seems like it's not going to be as easy as your predicting.

Jim 1 months

More Democratic lies backed by the media, that was easy to answer.

Lamin 1 months

Very good let’s trump go down

Darin 1 months

I expect there will be a president Biden (Harris)

Randall 1 months

Uncle Sam: Donald Trump, YOU'RE FIRED!

kit 1 months

Yes, and what he smells, STINKS! We ought to be Mad as Hell!

yuckycrumpet 1 months

Biden has already won. The networks aren’t calling it simply due to the massive ratings it’s generating. “Stay tuned! I’ll have an update for you right after this”. I don’t blame them for a second though. They make money of stupid people all the time I guess.

Timothy 1 months

Looking very good him now Will be a big victory margin this

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