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’We’re going to win’, Biden says as he nears victory

’We’re going to win’, Biden says as he nears victory

Speaking to supporters on Friday, Joe Biden said ’We’re going to win this race.’ Biden was joined by his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris. ’We are on track to have over 300 Electoral College votes,’ he predicted. Biden said the numbers suggested voters had ’given us a mandate for action’ on policy issues including controlling Covid, climate change, the economy and fighting systemic racism.

Dave 2 months

If the recounts prove nothing shady has happened and he wins it fair and square, then good for him. I hope he doesn't screw it up. However there looks like a lot of questionable things have happened in this election that need to be investigated.

John W
John W 2 months

"Glitch"😄 caused republican votes to be counted as democrat. Found 6000 votes so far, but this""glitc"" effects 47 more counties in Michigan. Does it get more obvious, probably tip of Nation wide""glitc""🤡 http////youtu./e/6Jp0pEU5fn8 http////www.foxnews.c/m/politi/s/michigan-gop-chairwoman-says-software-glitch-tallied-thousands-of-republican-votes-as-democrat

Patrick 2 months

Several states are going to HAVE to recount. I know Trump has acted like a little kid about all of this but it is a very very very close race and for Biden to minimize that by stating he will get 300 electoral votes is snide. He knows a recount is mandatory and I think he's starting out his path to presidency wrong by inciting. This isn't a joke. Take it seriously and acknowledge the obvious: It's a tight race and several states are going to have to recount. That's how it works like it or not. That's not Trump stomping his feet, it's our democracy doing it's job right. The egos these people possess is just gross. Why can't we all get along, do our jobs, sort things out, accept the results, and move on.

Patrick 2 months

I'm not voting again until they put it on a blockchain. Register with a biometric, receive a coin to vote, verify with biometric, vote, get an almost immediate response verifying who you voted for, done. Oh and it's damn near instantly counted. Fire all the voting machine companies and all the counters.

Skot 2 months

Trump gained more minority voters this time than previously. He lost white male voters. Go ahead and celebrate, Joe. You, a career politician with deep political ties to the deepest pockets on earth, beat a blowhard game show host who was continually made the victim of endless propaganda that he was the second coming of Mussolini by most media outlets. The real winner here is Wall Street, War, Inc. and drug companies. The real loser is every single American who works for a living.

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

And democrats are still mad. They did not have the blue wave they expected. They are already looking at hw their progressive policies are hurting them.

yuckycrumpet 2 months

Well obviously. I’ve been saying that for months. =) Long live democracy!!!! I’m sure I’m not the first to say but; Congratulations president Biden.

O'Brien 2 months

That statement alone is going to decimate the economy. If Trump needs to contest #2024 America will be begging him to restore it.

Jason 2 months

America needs to look in the mirror and hit reset on its political system. Defund politics and don't reward narcissism and greed.

The Troy Prouty
The Troy Prouty 2 months

I hope we start to impeach Trump. His narcissistic sociopathic behavior is vindictive and after he will attempt to destroy us.. I suggest. I will be writing all these up in detail.   My 14 Articles of impeachment present against  Donald J Trump       The 1st article of impeachment is a combo of violation of Article II and Article I Section 9 through Abuse of Power.   2.  In 230 years no President has ever refused peaceful transition of power – if not peaceful we can only assume an attempt of military coup. “Coup d’etat” and an act of Treason under statue of law.   3.  Obstruction of Justice, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone and the Mueller investigation.   4. Violation of the Hatch Act. Violation of the Criminal Provision of using federal employee’s for election purposes.   5. Violation  of the Federal Election Act with foreign interference per transcript. “You do this, and I will give you this”   6. Violation of the appropriations clause and anti deficiency Act   Funds and use are appropriated by Congress only.   7.  Violation of “Fighting Words Doctrine” “Liberate” radicalization to cause discourse for political purposes.   8.  Violation of Due Process to exhibit faithful execution of Laws under Presidential Oath.   9.  Violation of Duty to answer subpoenas, and release information from branches of government (Separation of power)   10.  Violation of executive order and National Emergency Waivers to reflect laws that are should be created and enforced by other branches.   11.  Intentional Lack of Confirmations of Cabinet on purpose to keep staff on short leash.   12.  Violation of duties of Treaties. All Treaties must be enacted or abolished by the Senate,  Federalist papers 75.   13. Violation of Federalist papers  65. Abuse of Public Trust. Lying about covid19. Attempting to divide us.   14. Election Fraud. Postal service. Disinformation, propaganda, telling people to vote twice, sending people to intimidate.          

The Troy Prouty
The Troy Prouty 2 months

Should I remind Trump supporters. Mr. Trump suggested to his base to vote twice. (Committing voter fraud). U ever hear any leader suggest breaking the law?

Jim 2 months

A mandate ? Joe don’t let the peoples hate for Trump confuse your feeble mind. You won some states by 4000 votes in the closest election I’ve ever seen, man ! Trust me I think the people deserve you however you have nothing near a mandate ! The idea that a state like Pennsylvania would vote for you is proof that the Trump hate overcame all logical thought. End fracking and the oil industry and put those folks out of work so they understand how badly they needed you ! An idiot for idiots

Andrew Kenney
Andrew Kenney 2 months

He won't last 1 year as president. The Democrats will take a beating in 2022. They can't do much with the senate the way it is now. There's not much the corrupt DNC can do.

Tristan Elstrom
Tristan Elstrom 2 months

Man these comments are like food for me. So many different things to taste. Maybe this guy saying that the election was rigged because a right wing youtuber told him so? Ooh how about that flavor explosion of some random person claiming that electoral votes are "democracy." Maybe I'll have a big ol helping of the one stating that Trump will return in 2024 to fix it all and be praised like some kind of deity. Forget all you can eat, this is like all the holiday feasts that ever happened got combined into one. 🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝

justsayin 2 months

Caitlin Huey Burns already has her mask off!

Forsaken 2 months


karma 2 months

Covid and climate change.. Oh God help us

Jason 2 months

Whats going on he did win lol No matter what Crazy Trump says lol

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 2 months

Sorry, I wont accept Socialism in the United States. You'll have to fight me for it, Biden..

a commoner
a commoner 2 months

Hppefully only 4 years of grin and bear it.

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