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Trump tweets he won the election ’BY A LOT’

Trump tweets he won the election ’BY A LOT’

President Trump emerged from the White House for his first post-election trip off campus since Election Day dressed for a round of golf. ’I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!’, Trump tweeted from his motorcade. His tweet was flagged off shortly by Twitter with a disclaimer added to it: ’Official sources may not have called the race when this was Tweeted.’

Lenwë 3 months

Once the recount happens (and removal of illegal votes) I bet he has.

mike 3 months

Sure he did and the Dallas cowboys are going to the Super Bowl😂😂😂😂

lordofbeanies 3 months

Do the MAGA cult really not get that Trump ran a terrible campaign this time around? A ham sandwich could have beaten him.

Outlaw 3 months

Aaaahhh denial. Love it. Maybe one of Trump's last lies he will tell as President!

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 3 months

Tue night he was en route to a blow out then they stopped counting then the biden votes magically appear. 100% the Supreme Court will put TRUMP back on Jan 20th 2021 laugh now cry later

FactCheckerNeil 3 months

I won by allot... Once you remove the imaginary fraudulent votes the fake news sites have invented to help me steel toe election. Lie filled twitter meltdown coming in 3... 2... 1...

Jack 3 months

Is anyone really surprised that even after he lost bigly, he still refuses to act presidential?

karma 3 months

I want more taxes I want more abortions I want to pay more for gas and food I want more protection from the China cold I want girls sniffed up by Biden and beaten by hunter I voted (but I died 20 yrs ago) for Biden

Maria 3 months

I am appalled at the corruption by the Democrat party to openly cheat to get their power back. Every intelligent person could in no way vote for Biden ticket. I refused to accept the results of this election. Every American that feels this way need to send this message to Trump. Don’t leave the White House. Don’t let Socialists change our government to Communism.

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 3 months

He needs to stop embarrassing himself. The investigations are underway. Just leave it and if there's fraud it will be proven.

FactChecker🦄 3 months

Just because our president doesnt know how to fact check doesnt mean American people can't. Please be better than this. Its so easy to find the truth with just a simple search. There is no fraud. PA allowed onlookers at 10ft away. After the lawsuit they changed it to 6ft. Dont be sheep,think for yourself. I mean godsakes they live streamed people counting ballots!

Seekster 3 months

Trump just get off the Twitter already! Your inability to control your Tweeting habits is part of the reason why America is now in great danger from socialists.

Serenity 3 months

Mr. Trump, your time is almost up. Do you think we can get a look at those TAX RETURNS before you go?

Alex 3 months

Don't go away mad, Donnie. Just go tf away.

Eileeñ 3 months

Advise for an entitle person in the world learn to be humble learn loose, if you never did anything right this is the time be the better man call for unity while you still can, separating people can only go so far. They will later realize that you used them this I guarantee. BE THE BETTER PERSON BIDEN WON FAIR YOU KNOW IT. AND WE THE OEOPLE KNOW WE THE PEOPLE KNOW IT TOO. PEACE.PLEASE

NoBozos 3 months

Funny, if you look a the national totals you lost by more than 4 million votes.

Jason 3 months

Donald Trump does not believe in the American way hes trying to say he was cheated when his ppl were in everysingle room those Ballots were being counted along with democrats & u really think democrats would not gain the senate & keep there seats they lost in the house if they were cheating lol Trumps a lier & hes the the trying to stop voting in some states while counting & recounting other states hypocrite

Sumarious 3 months

It's probably about time for crazy old "Agent Orange" to get locked up in a nursing home. Give him a fake plastic phone with a twitter looking sticker on the screen and he can just be there sitting in the sun playing on his phone until the dementia finally takes him.

Jake 3 months

Dont worry Spanky, you clinched the Alternate Electoral College.

Jim 3 months

The liberal media argued lies for 4 years and continues to post election but Trump needs to shut up for awhile, he’s proving their case. Facts matter when Trump talks too. Prove your case in court.

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