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Church bells in Paris, fireworks in London were not for Biden win

Church bells in Paris, fireworks in London were not for Biden win

After Joe Biden was named the winner of the 2020 presidential election, media networks suggested that the same was celebrated with fireworks going off in London, church bells ringing in Paris. However, clarifications emerged since. The Paris diocese confirmed to The AP that the church bells were not related to the election. Also, the fireworks in London were actually celebrating Guy Fawkes Night.

Milkshake 2 months

Alt headline: Pro-terrorist Mayor who celebrates acid flask throwing in London and grooming gangs while having child diddling Metropolitan police officers who are affirmative action hires with their faces gracing ads for the police force who got the police in on the grooming gang industry, and Yellow West besieged terrorist proliferating and as unhygienic and trash filled as never before in history Paris also filled with child grooming gangs, congratulate some foreign election while their own cities crash and burn to their malcontent and incompetence. Cute.

Irish Dave
Irish Dave 2 months

Just shows that this whole thing wasn't about him as president but him as a person. The entire last 4 years for these people it's been personal. They didnt care about the politics, it was a world wide free reality tv show and everyone couldn't wait to get involved. Haven't seen celebrations like this since Thatcher died.

Rocky 2 months

Enemies of America are praying for a Biden win. When the elites in media and enemies of the US worldwide are celebrating you know the American people are the real l0sers.

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 2 months

The whole world (mostly) has succumbed to the leftist globalist narrative. It's easier that way as it requires no thinking. The "new normal) inflicted on the suffering world population will be vigorously enforced by the elected tyrants. If the Biden presidency survives the recounts and legal challenges it really will be the beginning of the end of the capitalist developed democratic world.

E n
E n 2 months

Trump was simply massively unpopular around the world. People are glad he will no longer be centre stage as giving credit were its due, Trump is a great self promoter.

TC_volenter 2 months

Yep. the check book is open agean

Charles 2 months

That sure didn’t happen when Trump won.

Hades 2 months

Zero of them could probably answer what he is actually going to do. People that hate for no reason seem also to celebrate for none

Indo 2 months

It took a lot of funny ways to shake us out of our collapsing global system. Now that we are in a controlled order, are we going to remake and remodel !? Or go back to our wiley ole ways

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 2 months

They're so excited that they can start abusing the US again.

Rave Biscuits
Rave Biscuits 2 months

It's the weekend after bonfire night, fireworks go off all over the UK... As they have been for the last 3 days.

Glen 2 months

They celebrated, because they can take advantage of our new president. Trump they couldn't.

IvoryDove 2 months

Alt headline "Globalists Cheer Return of US to Apologetic States of America".

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

Traditionally bells rang in places like these when a king died. Now they ring when freedom dies i guess.

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 2 months

That's an embarrassing mistake for these "news" sources to make. The fireworks were for Guy Fawkes Day and Paris didn't ring any bells, it was a near by village that has it set on an automatic timer... Edit: Guy Fawkes

Seekster 2 months

The globalists couldn't be more happy.

Max Bants
Max Bants 2 months

Really? We're really going to pretend anyone is "excited" about Joe Biden? If Joe were a meal he'd be unflavoured boiled chicken. If Joe were a car, he'd be a Yugo.

Flitch 2 months

Fireworks in London celebrate American election (during the week running up to bonfire night...)

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 2 months

"Fireworks were going off in London" Yes, because bonfire night was the 5th and they've been going on since 🤦 (i''s funny to me that some lefty saw people keeping fireworks going because of bonfire night and was like""ThEy ArE cElEbRaTiNg a BiDeN wI""). I would guess people are just entertaining themselves due to a second lockdown because i''s usually a one night celebration but ''ve had fireworks going off near me since the 5th. Bonfire night is when we celebrate the foiling of the gunpowder plot by Catholics to blow up parliament and King James. We celebrate it with a bonfire, usually with an effigy of guy fawkes and fireworks. On the off chance any Brit supports biden he threatened to block a trade deal with us if he""think"" (not that he does much of that) that we break the good friday agreement, he has been pictured with members of the IRA including one member who was arrested for trying to kill a British army officer and he discussed a""unified irelan"" with the former sinn fein leader. H''s also said""orange"" meaning Northern Irish protestants and loyalists""are''t welcome on st patric''s da"".

David 2 months

They’re celebrating because they can count on their most important ally again.

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