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John Kasich says the far left almost cost Joe Biden the election

John Kasich says the far left almost cost Joe Biden the election

Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich told CNN that the ’far left’ almost cost President-elect Joe Biden the election and insisted that the Democratic party had to hammer the point home in the coming weeks.

Matt 2 months

John Kasich, in this instance, is probably correct. Moderates definitely majorly, some reluctantly, voted Trump because they tend to vote for whomever is more center. Most people are close to, or are ready to, be convinced. Antifa/BLM gave them a soft one.

Seekster 2 months

He is absolutely correct. If the Democratic Party wants to survive post Covid then it needs to dump the far leftists and return to being the pro worker party it used to be.

John 2 months

John Kasich has no standing and is irrelevant.

Not Extreme
Not Extreme 2 months

The Far right cost Drumpf the presidency.

Cory 2 months

No, the votes for the socialist and green party did not come close to affecting the election. The Libertarian votes taken from Trump most definitely changed the result.

David 2 months

Then maybe joe Biden should push for the policies that most people want.

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