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Iran calls U.S. election a ’spectacle’

Iran calls U.S. election a ’spectacle’

Iran’s Khamenei has labeled the US election a ’spectacle,’ declaring the process ’an example of the ugly face of liberal democracy.’ ’Regardless of the outcome, one thing is absolutely clear: The definite political, civil, & moral decline of the US regime’, Khamenei said. Separately, a presidential adviser tweeted that ’the Iranians stood until the coward left’, in a reference to Trump.

Alfa 2 months

The Americans can vote to get rid of Trump, but Iranians can't vote to get rid of you.

Foshizzle 2 months

LMAO... He knows that Biden won't stand tough.

Hypnotica 2 months

Did the Iranian leader just mock our elections? This MFer here... at least we have elections dude. Take a look at him lefties, thats a real facist right there.

Irish Dave
Irish Dave 2 months

Hey I agree with Iran on something.

TheMadDane 2 months

Sumbich ain't wrong.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 2 months

Whatever polical side you are on, this can't be the Democracy you want

Forsaken 2 months

they also know if they tell Trump, he's great at everything. And give him a permit to build a Trump Towers in his country. Trump will give up classified American information, and sweet deals

solodolo 2 months

Just in case anyone is confused on how embarrassing the conservatives have become, we now have people on the right agreeing with an Iranian extremist on american politics. Just so we're clear. .....Hey ayotollah, how's soleimani doing? What does he have to say about this? Oh wait....

Maxim 2 months

We'll they don't even have elections so stfu Iran

Indo 2 months

Isn't it. About the only thing that kickstarts their world every four years. Unlike places where Lords reign over their subjects, unquestioned.

ben 2 months

it was, something you may not be able to see in your theocratic eyes...even with those frames!

Property 2 months

Sumimani isn't standing....

John 2 months

MYOB. Iranians hate you too.

Doug 2 months

Truth hurts, huh?

david dindu
david dindu 2 months

He'll be nicer if we give him 400 million in cash

Fjolnir 2 months

I mean he's right, except we arent a democracy. If we were this would have gone alot smoother.

Csaba 2 months

This is true about the ugly face!!!!

Matthew 2 months

He ought to be thrilled...congrats Iran on your automatic upgrade to regional power.

RichieRamirez 2 months

I call Iran and the Islam a continuous deplorable spectacle.

Green 2 months

Remember a couple weeks ago Iran hacked and pushed emails from proud boys to threaten people into voting Trump. Hmm....

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