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Joe Biden to announce task force for COVID-19 response

Joe Biden to announce task force for COVID-19 response

US President-elect Joe Biden is set to announce a 12 member task force on Monday, to mount an effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has led to the loss of 238 thousand lives in the country. The task force is expected to be co-chaired by former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration David Kessler, among others.

Chase 2 months

Finally a president is at least trying

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

Preview of Biden task force results: All citizens must stay in their basements for 3 months. Joe adds, "Hey it works for me."

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

Ok so when Biden is unable to do a darn thing because of that pesky 10th amendment, do I get to shriek endlessly at the 250,000 people that died and say it's all his fault?

porcus 2 months

HaHa! Utter 🐂💩. Drs Dauci and Birx claimed best case scenario was only 200k deaths, which means Trump achieved that best case scenario. All Biden can do is the same response as Trump... or flub it. Very funny to see the media trying to paint Biden as some sort of coof coof savior. Tru'p's vaccine is around the corner.

Jacob 2 months

Everyone who doesn't want live in their basement for 3 months are welcome to Sweden. I'm not saying we are handling the pandemic better than anyone else but we can atleast leave our houses whenever we want.

ronnie massart
ronnie massart 2 months

gee people....I seem to remember this Virus being from a place called "CHINA"...not Trumpville and of course we all know the numbers have been greatly upped because brings in more $

Adam 2 months

Again, I'm not sure how this can actually do anything as "projected" winner, confirmed winner in 0 states as of right now...

Jeff Fisher
Jeff Fisher 2 months

VDS = virus derangement syndrome. It is real and with some people, beyond control.

Brian 2 months

as usual lots of money will be spent and nothing useful gets done again.

Stephen 2 months

But Trump already did that. Months ago. Pence is the leader of the COVID taskforce. Does no one remember this? Fauci and Birx are on it.

Roper Alexandra
Roper Alexandra 2 months

Oh wait ?! We are still talking about Covid ? How odd... 🤔. I thought for sure the whole thing was a hoax to hurt Trump. A big lie spearheaded by the media and the Dems that would disappear after the 3rd... Yeah, ever-changing goalposts, I guess 🤷🏾‍♀️

Abaris Eiwar
Abaris Eiwar 2 months

Why is everyone acting like it's all over with? The election isn't even finalized, so Biden hasn't won. There is alot of shady bs going on with the vote counts with democrats. So this whole thing will be a legal battle, locked up in the courts until around December 23rd. So I find it ridiculous and strange to act like it's all over with, creating task forces and parading around. If Trump wins because there was proven fraud or atleast "glitches" and other shady bs going on, the lunatics celebrating the death of freedom and liberty are in for quite the surprise...

Sarah 2 months

Sit down Biden!

Diego 2 months

Hahaha are we expected to believe some surgeon guy will be better prepared to deal with covid than boy genius Jared Kushner???? Trump drained the swamp and replaced them with his friends and family because... he.... he can trust them to not be corrupt and like.... nepotism in not a real thing. BUT NOW THE RADICAL LEFT will replace all these entitled rich pos with qualified ppl makes me sick.

Björn Westman
Björn Westman 2 months

So Dr. Anthony Fauci seems to be absent.... I thought he was a fundamental cornerstone in the US “Covid gang”...

iTeraByte 2 months

What will be interesting to see is whether during this lame duck remainder of the mistake’s presidency, if he will push for the relief needed by struggling families across the nation. Considering his temperament and immature approach to leadership, I suspect not. I also suspect his avid supporters whom have willingly turned a blind eye to his ineptitude, will find reason to defend his inactivity.

Rof 2 months

Americans deserve better than this. Manual recounts needed.

Unity.Nat 2 months

The media only said he won yet the government is still clear that he has not won.

Chad 2 months

And the shut down proceedings begin! Get everyone to rely on the Government, then libs will be happy.

david dindu
david dindu 2 months

And just like that no more lockdowns and social distancing needed.

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