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Joe Biden addresses US in election victory speech

Joe Biden addresses US in election victory speech

President-elect Joe Biden addressed the US in his election victory speech and called for a ’time to heal in America.’ Addressing the supporters of incumbent President Donald Trump, Biden said that he understands their disappointment and wanted to ’give each other a chance.’ He also added that he seeks to be a president that unifies people and not divide them.

Sal 2 months

Back to endless wars, regime changes, provocation of Russia, grovelling at China's feet. What a terrible 4 years it's been.

GreenMachine 2 months

1. There is still legal litigation plus convincing a good amount of Americans that the election wasn't cheated. 2. Democrats don't unify, at least not my observation of 30yrs. Republicans at best get ppl to really around universal ideas like economic benefit or security. 3. It didn't matter what Biden promised because he will not likely live long about to fulfill them.

The Troy Prouty
The Troy Prouty 2 months

I hope Biden will set us on a new path and direction to get rid of our selfish desires that lead to never caring about others. These last four years of lies. Radical talk, abuse of power, division.. is not flattering.

Robo 2 months

In a vacuum, the speech was really good. If he won legitimately, the speech would have made me slightly less pessimistic.

Yvonne 2 months

What a piece of work Romney is, a turn coat for sure. I'm ashamed I ever thought this guy was decent human being.

karma 2 months

Hey my taxes went up

Glen 2 months

Biden didn't when election, the lying fake media won the election.

Eric 2 months

Umm media projected president elect.

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