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Trump refuses to concede defeat in US election

Trump refuses to concede defeat in US election

US President Donald Trump has refused to concede the presidential election to Joe Biden, despite multiple networks and the Associated Press calling it in favor of the former vice president. In a statement released by his campaign, the President has stated that the election is ’far from over’ and that he will be launching lawsuits in battleground states, asking for recounts.

Chet 2 months

Maga folks have been on a train headed for fascism for years. They are now at the final destination and really need to get off that train. But it doesn't seem like many are. Millions of Americans have fully embraced fascism. Scary stuff. History will not forgot.

Christopher 2 months

Verifying that the vote count is accurate and ensuring that fraud has not occurred is a good thing, regardless of which candidate one supports. The push for mail-in votes to this extent has not occurred before in any other election and there were some legitimate concerns that arose in the weeks preceding the election day. If the results stand as they are after verification, that's a good thing, and it proves the election process is working as intended and can be trusted.

Jacob Barron
Jacob Barron 2 months

Don't know what the commenters are upset about with only several thousand votes separating each candidate why wouldn't you?

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 2 months

They're not Callng the election. They're predicting it. Even when they absolutely shouldn't given how we shifted majorly to a different untried mass mail in ballot system for the first time EVER at such an immense scale and should come to expect errors, irregularities, failures, and other factors which could manipulate the numbers. This call is immature and unrealistic. It made sense in say 2016 because in essence it was the same system as in decades past. Covid 2020's is vastly much more newer and expiremnatal and henceforth vulnerable and fragile. Recounts will be conducted. Audits potentially may be initiated as well. Court Cases are being processed as we speak. Don't forget that this is another general election in the 10s and remember what happened back in 2000.

The Troy Prouty
The Troy Prouty 2 months

Because he is a narcissistic sociopath that is vindictive and a threat.

Marc 2 months

Bye bye Donny, there's a really nice 6x6 cell awaiting your arrival soon

Rof 2 months

America, speak truth! Proverbs 10:9-10 ERV Honest people can always feel secure, but lying cheaters will be caught. [10] If you fail to speak the truth, trouble will follow. If you speak openly, peace will come.

IvoryDove 2 months

Let's see... Trump wins in 2016 and the Democrats call for a recount, impeachment and years of investigation that yielded nothing. Biden pulls a last minute victory with huge irregularities in the counting of late and unconfirmed ballots, and the Democrats are "you're a cultist if you don't accept it immediately without question!"..... Who are the REAL cultists here?

William 2 months

Botboy Biden will never be accepted by a vast majority of Americans. Nor should Trump concede, the millions of unsolicited ballots spammed across america should be considered fraud, as there is no way to confirm there validity. Zero oversight, no way to confirm that they are legitimate....or that they are fraudulent..... again 0 legitimacy. And no you can't say that the Liberal Mass mailed these ballots because of covid-19, wear a mask and maintain the 6' distance... not a problem. So why did they spam millions of ballots again??? And WHY did only "alleged" people who filled them out vote for Botboy??? Why were so many late? Is it possible that the handful of people filling out thousands of ballots were overwhelmed and needed to drop off the Ballots in stages at various locations to avoid detection?? People should be required to vote in person, with limited exceptions. Joke of a election, a disgrace to democracy.

Alex 2 months

I don’t think it will matter much, but extra scrutiny to see whether the vote and the counting was conducted fairly is not a bad thing for sure? If the vote was conducted fairly, what is there to fear?

Charles 2 months

Doesn’t matter if he concedes or not. The Secret Service / FBI will remove trespassers from the White House with efficiency on January 20th. He will just be a private citizen trespasser who will be prosecuted.

NoBozos 2 months

There is no law that he has to consede. He also has the right to follow up with legal avenues. However, if he is unsuccessful in the courts, he should concede and allow for a peaceful transition of power. If not, and he refuses to leave office, Biden (once swore in) can have him arrested and removed. I don’t think any American wants to see that happen.

Gman 2 months

Worst ticket ever. And socialist are going to screw this country up. And when you sit their jobless, broke, paying $15 bucks a gallon. And start to whine and moan. I would love to laugh, but you morons dragged me down the crapper with you. Are you so indoctrinated that you are pro corruption, pro establishment, that you think government can do anything efficiently or effectively. They want to burn through our resources our wealth and our exceptional prospective to rise to the occasion. And That's retarded. All you Trump programmed haters just took a dump on yourselves and proved your seriously brain dead. Simple as that. Not a one of you will see anything good come out of your lame and decrepit candidate. These are the worse people I've ever seen who are going to sell You out. Our future, and all our relatives aspirations and fights for your freedom, abused. What millions of hopeful Americans have died to prevent. Wanting a better life for You.... 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Colleen Johnston
Colleen Johnston 2 months

My 14 Articles of impeachment I wish to present on Donald J Trump       The 1st article of impeachment is a combo of violation of Article II and Article I Section 9 through Abuse of Power.   2.  In 230 years no President has ever refused peaceful transition of power – if not peaceful we can only assume an attempt of military coup. “Coup d’etat” and an act of Treason.   3.  Obstruction of Justice, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone and the Mueller investigation.   4. Violation of the Hatch Act. Violation of the Criminal Provision of using federal employee’s for election purposes.   5. Violation  of the Federal Election Act with foreign interference per transcript. “You do this, and I will give you this”   6. Violation of the appropriations clause anti deficiency Act   Funds and use are appropriated by Congress only.   7.  Violation of “Fighting Words Doctrine” “Liberate” for political purposes.   8.  Violation of Due Process to exhibit faithful execution of Laws under Presidential Oath.   9.  Violation of Duty to answer subpoenas, and release information from branches of government (Separation of power)   10.  Violation of executive order and National Emergency Waivers to reflect laws that are should be created and enforced by other branches.   11.  Intentional Lack of Confirmations of Cabinet.   12.  Violation of duties of Treaties. All Treaties must be enacted or abolished by the Senate,  Federalist papers 75.   13. Violation of Federalist papers  65. Abuse of Public Trust. Lying about covid19, using speech to incite violence and divide.   14. Election Fraud. Postal service, telling people to illegally vote twice, disinformation and asking for intimidation.  

Maven Of Mystery
Maven Of Mystery 2 months

I'm so tired of 45's tantrums and lies.

snarley 2 months

There's a word for these clowns....."terrorists"

E n
E n 2 months

And so the Trump tantrums begin. It's going to be fun watching the GOP not support him.

Sal 2 months

It's not important who casts the votes, it's who counts them that matters. Stalin

K W “Just me”
K W “Just me” 2 months

Such a little little man.

chris 2 months

Rightly so. With all of the bulsh8te the left has pulled and caught, blatantly. DOJ NEEDS TO GET INVOLVED.

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