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Kushner has approached Trump about conceding the election: Reports

Kushner has approached Trump about conceding the election: Reports

CNN’s White House correspondent has reported that Jared Kushner has approached President Trump about conceding the election. As per sources quoted by the WaPo, allies of the president said that he is unlikely to concede defeat ’under any circumstances in the traditional manner of a concession speech and a phone call to Biden.’ There has been no statement on the reports from the White House.

Tea&Coffee 1 months

I thought this app was real news. Trump said he will concede if the Biden win was 100% on his Twitter. He is just double checking making sure it’s a legal win. Which is in our right to know if is a legal win or not. I’m good if Biden won 100% legally. But what would happen if we found Biden cheated?

Tobias Quinn
Tobias Quinn 1 months

Why would he concede while litigation is ongoing? Does the law and a whole 1/3 of the branch of power not matter anymore?

Doug 1 months

Concede when the election hasn't been officially certified yet? Already the SCOTUS is beginning to weigh in and all the votes submitted after polls closed are starting to be looked at with a jaundiced eye. Several nations have already refused to accept that Biden won. It is obvious that this isn't over yet.

Charles 1 months

And it doesn’t matter if he calls or not, or gives a CONCESSION speech. The decision of how publicly he goes out the door is his. He can try to show some respect to the voting process and the people’s will, or we can all enjoy the spectacle of him being publicly escorted/removed from the White House. Either way, he’s still out. Perhaps Jared is really trying to get on Biden’s side before the wolves come after him.

Elaine 1 months

Are you people for real? Trump has no legal argument, and he is an embarrassment to this country. Trump is now saying things like "I will concede on certain conditions". Let's get something straight, the WH, is not Trump's house! The WH is "we the people's" house. Like millions of other Americans, Trump is being evicted. Trump is illiterate, and didn't read intelligence reports, because he has dyslexia and didn't seek treatment for it. He could care less about the pandemic, because it wasn't about him. Normally, I don't care if a Republican or Democrat is in the WH, however, I will remember every effn Republican that allowed this drug addicted, lying, narcissistic sociopath, to run amok, and do his back door dealings with other countries, dignitaries and whoever else curried favors, by lining his and his kids pockets. All these good old Evangelical leaders knew exactly what they crawled into bed with, and it's below. As for anyone else who believed Trump was their messiah, you have bigger issues than I am willing to discuss. Time to put on the big boy pants, and put country before party. As a side note, Noel Casler, the guy being questioned a few days ago on the podcast below, has known the Trump's starting in beauty pageant days. He has been talking since 2016, even though he signed NDA's, and doesn't push any political ideologies. He actually went to Hillary's campaign in 2016, did an interview with People, and the story was never run. He also knows rock stars, celebrities, and other politicians. He has been getting alot more attention in months leading up to the election. The real Donald J. Trump, not to mention Bill Barr, and Barr's daddy.

No Affiliation
No Affiliation 1 months

I do find it odd that the citizens of the United States rallied behind Republicans most of which were endorsed by Trump, they kept the senate, added seats to the house, and yet the people rejected Trump? That sounds absurd, and a reasonable person should question why that happened.

Jim 1 months

Dosent matter a theft is a theft no need to call the criminals and congratulate them, they know they stole it. Liberals and the media spent 4 years lying about Trump and 74 million lemmings didn’t even bother to look stuff up in their own. Half of you can’t find your own state on a map. Regardless of Trump you managed to manipulate the death of our country via the use of absolutely unsecure voting process. Unthinkable given the fact you’ve told us for 4 years it was under attack Real smart folks

Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion 1 months

I have 100% faith Trump will graciously concede and have a peaceful transition of power... Once he's 100% sure he genuinely lost.

Gina 1 months

Don’t even need a good bye. He just need to disappear through the back door etc. he’s a goner. Incompetent one at that. Pray he won’t destroy this country in the next 7 weeks. Loser fair and square. Now he knows how half of country felt for 4 years now.

David O'Doherty
David O'Doherty 1 months

Fucking Kushner... lol

Lee 1 months

You can’t pick up senate seats and house seats and trump not win. Trump will win you watch.

Montgomery 1 months

I love how Hillary claimed Biden shouldn't admit defeat until the election has been legally challenged even if it takes weeks... And now they are claiming that its unheard of that trump is doing the same thing.

Alex 1 months

Yeah, he's not going to concede unless the results can be verified by all legal review. Even if we go all the way to January with no clear conclusion on whether voter fraud occurred (which is likely since the democratic party screamed that Trump committed voter fraud in last election for a grand 4 years) then Nancy Pelosi will take the office till a conclusion can be met. Biden will not be given the office till the results can be thoroughly verified.

Mark 1 months

Duh! Even though it is not in the Constitution for an outgoing president to concede and or call the incoming president it is a nicety that was started by George Washington to John Adams and continued ever since then. Just chalk this up to another one of his childish behaviors and wait until January 20th maybe we can all, hopefully, come together as American citizens and get this country back on track. In fact I urge all news agencies to just stop talking about him there's nothing more we need to know cuz we're smart.

saad 1 months

Trump should stay in the White House until they come and get him. Then they should broadcast it on pay TV and bring down the debt.

karma 1 months

The only good thing about the media is you can turn it off

ToddBundy 1 months

The government should make the Trump eviction day a pay per view event, they could balance the budget of such a massive spectacle.

OldSch00lin 1 months

Many in the media are saying this person or that has approached "The Don" with concerns to the Presidency; For what? He knows what's up, back off you leg climbing, dangle reaching, sap suckers.

Paul N
Paul N 1 months

If CNN reported it, it must be true!!!! BahahaahahahahahhahahH!

Kyle G
Kyle G 1 months

This guy is literally the Anti_christ.

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