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Joe Biden secures electoral votes to win US presidential election

Joe Biden secures electoral votes to win US presidential election

With a win in Pennsylvania, which has 20 electoral votes, Joe Biden has taken a substantial lead ahead of President Trump. Biden leads 284-214 in the Electoral College and seems set to be sworn in as the 46th US president on Jan. 20, with Sen. Kamala Harris joining him as VP.  ’I am honored and humbled by the trust the American people have placed in me,’ Biden said in a statement.

Adam 2 months

There's still at least 2 recounts scheduled and then a federal order in PA -- this victory is unofficial at best

Brisa 2 months

Yes!!! CONGRATULATIONS MR. PRESIDENT ELECT AND MADAME VICE PRESIDENT ELECT!!! WE HAVE MADE HISTORY!!! I wish you both the very BEST up ahead. Edit: WE ARE GOING TO HEAD BACK TO SOME NORMALCY THAT IS NEEDED IN THIS COUNTRY FOR ALL OF US!!! NO MORE PHONY POLITICIANS. Only real ones. From all different sides of the aisle. Yes, Including all of you folks that identify as Conservatives.

Mrs. Phoenix
Mrs. Phoenix 2 months

The people have spoken!!

Joseph 2 months


Serenity 2 months

Congratulations Mr. President-elect, Joseph Biden and Madam Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris!!! Looking forward to new beginnings and a real UNITED States of America.

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

Im more than willing to accept these results. I hope it was done fairly as well on both sides when the investigations take place. I hope the way these elections took place is not the new norm.

Darknimbus3 2 months

To be fair, Joe’s got 284 electorals, and Trump has 214. They’re 70 electorals apart, and Joe is 14 above the needed count. I don’t like Joe and am very wary of him, but at this point, I’ll be willing to give Joe a chance to prove his worth as president. He better not let us down!

William 2 months

As an independent, Joe Biden was running for the US senate (his words multiple times) gets elected as president??? Harris is even worse, will likely be the next president, the death of America is imminent. I do agree with the notion that this election was fraudulent, but there's no way to prove it, the liberal made sure of it. No way to verify any mail in ballots, with 0 oversight, seriously WHY did we need to spam the mail in ballots to every citizen? Certainly not because of covid-19, you only need to wear a mask and maintain a distance of 6' " according to Biden,Fauci, Pelosi (just ask her hairdresser) etc etc. Again I say why spam out millions of ballots? One person got caught in texas running for mayor, what about all the others who were well organized and funded? Saddest day in the history of America. Trump can be a total azzhat, but at least you know where he stands... Joe doesn't remember that he was running for President, and tells little girls he's coming back to see them when there a little kind of person votes for a pervert with Alzheimer's... well all good things must come to an end, America finally destroyed by the Anti-Christ it socialist, communist, abortionist, Immigrant (illegal) and every other person and people who hates america and the freedom that they once had.... Within 3 years American's will be starving for food and water if Biden is somehow elected. Prepare now, your neighbor will rob you for food and water, strangers will do worse, and then it's going to get really really bad. I am not joking, with Biden as president A famine will strike america in 3 years, Biden is bought and paid for, without a soul.... It's a good thing in the sense that it gives us the"fading pulse" of a dying Nation.

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