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Trump accuses FDA, Democrats of withholding COVID-19 vaccine announcement

Trump accuses FDA, Democrats of withholding COVID-19 vaccine announcement

Following the announcement by Pfizer that its leading vaccine candidate is more than 90% effective in preventing Covid-19, President Trump came out to accusing the FDA of holding back a vaccine until after the election. ’The @US_FDA and the Democrats didn’t want to have me get a Vaccine WIN’, Trump tweeted. Pfizer denied allegations that politics played a part in the timing of their announcement.

Jerry 2 months

Wouldn't be surprised. Do you think Biden, the man who became rich in office, would hold big companies to account.

Viktor 2 months

Ok a couple of things here. Pfizer might be the distributor of the vaccine but main developer is BioNtech. And BioNtech told the world about the vaccine candidate about 2 weeks ago. When they were waiting for the last results of the phase 3 study to return. So, trump could have used this as a political toy back then instead of now. Furthermore, insulting institutions like the FDA is not very beneficial in a pandemic. And at last I would like to point out the tweet by david Pakman. Why is it that they only complain about the Presidential races they've lost and not about the senator/house races they have won. Even though all of them were on the ballot. Sry for this long post, go and eat a potato

Conundrumb 2 months

It's is another strange coincidence in a long list of "coincidences", however.

Nicholas 2 months

Trump's just saying what everybody's been suspecting.

Randy 2 months

So I think we're acknowledging what Pfizer said on their own website months ago (and it wasn't memory holed as far as yesterday), that indeed they were part of operation warp speed.

Jos 2 months

This man is really ........

Neil 2 months

The man is unbelievable.

ANTHONY 2 months

It is in gods hands . God all ready knows the Truth. God bless American.

E n
E n 2 months

More whining from the president for whom whining will be the hallmark of his administration.

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