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British Lord Kilclooney accused of racism over Kamala Harris tweet, reported

British Lord Kilclooney accused of racism over Kamala Harris tweet, reported

Lord Kilclooney, former leader of Ulster Unionist Party, said that he has withdrawn his reference to vice-president elect Kamala Harris as ’the Indian’ on Twitter, because he was accused of racism. He has been reported to the Commissioner for Standards and the Lords Speaker. The tweet read ’What happens if Biden moves on and the Indian becomes President. Who then becomes Vice President?’

Tom A
Tom A
Jon 2 months

Behold the edge, ladies and gentlemen. There but for the First Amendment go we. Protect your right to speak, or a "wrong" word in a tweet will get you prosecuted.

Jerry 2 months

Prosecute him. He should have said: of half Asian Indian descent.

Jonny 2 months

Why is calling her the Indian a bad thing? I thought she was proud of her non-whiteness?

KeybladeMasterAndy 2 months

Just give him the Biden treatment and excuse it because of his age. Seriously. This seems the kind of slip(if you can call it that) an elderly person would make.

John 2 months

If this is best example of racism we can find then white supremacy is as good as dead.

Cuppa T
Cuppa T 2 months

I mean he called her "the Indian". It's derogatory to be called that even though she is not a people pleaser, but what he said was not racist.

Nuclear Jellyfish
Nuclear Jellyfish 2 months

Can't criticise her it's automatically wayyycist. We've never heard that narrative b4...

Denis 2 months

The World will be a better place when when his type are gone ! .Denis

Seekster 2 months

How is this racist? Harris makes a big deal of being a person of race and I recall several media stories within the last week calling attention to the fact that Harris has Indian ancestry. Seriously can someone please explain to me how this is racist?

Jonny 2 months

A valid question. Who becomes VP if Kamala gets the P?

Jaye Muller
Jaye Muller 2 months

Why is that racism? Because he should have also mentioned that she's AfroJamaican? Just the mentioning someone's is racism? Such nonsense.

TexasReb 2 months

It would have been racist if he had called her a "dot head" but not an "Indian" as she is half Indian decent.

Rocker C Te
Rocker C Te 2 months

I'm mean seriously, look at him. Is anyone surprised. His fat well fed jowels fold upon fold on his pompous death warmed over face. The only reason he still lives is because he's been sucking the life out of his constituents. Do the world a favour you racist white privileged prick, retire to a dungeon somewhere.

GUYIVKS 2 months

Should have said "the Feral". Much more accurate but she has referred to her self using the same words as him.

Dom 2 months

She appoints a vice, probably one of the most idiotic questions I’ve heard. My 4 year old nephew even knows that But the point of the post is not the question, the point of the post is to call her an Indian

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 2 months

It's not because called her Indian it's because he called the indian. It's a kind of a class thing like referring to a maid as the help.

Muttley 2 months

He looks like a microwaved Jeremy Clarkson. One hec of a sexy beast of a man.

Montgomery 2 months

So you are allowed to call her black but nor Indian? The rules are just made up on the spot

Sirax 2 months

Reject president 47!

David Webb
David Webb 2 months

Harris is a citi bank plant.

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