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New ’McPlant’ by McDonald’s expected to arrive in 2021

New ’McPlant’ by McDonald’s expected to arrive in 2021

McDonald’s is set to roll out the new McPlant fake meat burger in 2021, starting from some locations and slowly expanding availability of the product according to the demand. McDonalds was earlier using burgers from Beyond Meat in late 2019 in some locations in Canada. The test by McDonalds led to them deciding to start their own burger and cut out the middle man.

Doug 2 months

Submitted by random-URL script?

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

They already have that. Their meat is 90% corn as it is.

Neil 2 months

Duhhhhhh- what took so long? Just buy Beyond Meat burgers- best on the market/ oh and don’t gouge vegetarians like BK does.

Paul N
Paul N 2 months

Arrive and disappear all in the same year. Just like their competitors tried to sell that grilled dung and failed to do so.

Indo 2 months

I'm at a Mac table now. Soon I'll call a uber or something and drive in for my meal buy.

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 2 months

Next the Soylent "Green" McBurger

Rational ific
Rational ific 2 months

McPlant sounds more like where they make burger patties than a burger patty. At any rate, good on them. The Impossible Whopper is awesome.

E n
E n 2 months


Arthur 2 months

Mc screw them!

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