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NASA reports there are around 300 million planets capable of supporting life

NASA reports there are around 300 million planets capable of supporting life

New data from NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope has shown that there are 300 million planets which can support life. The far reaches of our galaxy were explored and this led to the discovery of other blue green planets which could potentially support life. According to NASA, 50% of all stars having properties of the Sun have terrestrial planets having potential of containing water on them.

Jon 2 months

Ok, that's a HUGE jump between "Half of the stars viewed COULD host habitable planets." And "We found the planets, and they are habitable." Maybe fix stub?

Gurjinder 2 months

Sandra, there is a typo in your summary. "terrestrial planets" not "terrestrial plants". Can you please fix?

Johann 2 months

Are you saying there are at least 300 million versions of Jesus?

TJ 2 months

And humans will never get to any of them.

Saul E
Saul E 2 months

Why doesn’t NASA turn their Galileo telescope towards Earth and take a picture. All pictures of Earth are composites CGI. Makes you wonder.

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 2 months

So great! Now we only have to travel about a thousand light years to visit some rock which could potentially have microbial life! I'm excited!

Montgomery 2 months

I truly don't know why having a planet in the habitable zone, and it having water is newsworthy... Water is extremely abundant and comets zig and zag around solar systems daily... Actually having intelligent life is a whole different matter. Ref. Great filters Edit: I get it now, possible terra forming. If we find planets without any life I think we should seed them if life is rare

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