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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas congratulates Joe Biden

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas congratulates Joe Biden

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority President congratulated President-elect Joe Biden, and called on Mr. Biden to ’strengthen the Palestinian-American relationship.’ Mr. Abbas further said that he is looking forward to working with Joe Biden and his administration to achieve ’justice and dignity for our people, and work for peace, stability and security for all in our region and the world.’

Tom A
Tom A
Kurt 2 months

Of course he did. Most the enemies (foreign and domestic) of America have congratulated him.

coughdrop1989 2 months

Peace and stability? Did he forget he was under the Obama administration that didnt stop any wars over there? If thats what you call stablility then I think he needs to relearn the meaning. Its not like joe Biden secured a peace deal with israel and a Muslim country. WHICH HAS NEVER HAPPENED IN HISTORY, EVER...... Except Trump did it. Dont even like Trump but damn people were complaining when the Taliban promoted him. Palestine has and does commit the same atrocities. So before you ridicule either side you better evaluate yourself and see where you stand on these matters.

Fatman in Paradise
Fatman in Paradise 2 months

Well...when you're congratulated by a 'government' that refuses to have peace talks with Israel.

Mister 2 months

no such thing as palestine...

Amoneywilson 2 months

Some dude that is irrelevant?

Ruain 2 months

big ups al qassam

Don'tbackNV 2 months

Keep dreaming

Shmee 2 months

That's it, now it's totally legit.

Tech Leprechaun
Tech Leprechaun 2 months

Of course he did

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 2 months

Yeah, why would enemies of Israel congratulate the basement man?

Eric 2 months

Biden will help with those pesky Israelis.

The NPC 2 months

Joe and Selina have an inherited an interesting conundrum here.

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