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Donald Trump sacks Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

Donald Trump sacks Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

President Trump announced that he had terminated Mark Esper, his Secretary of Defense. The President also announced that Christopher C. Miller, the Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (unanimously confirmed by the Senate), will be Acting Secretary of Defense, effective immediately. Mr. Esper had opposed invoking the Insurrection Act, to respond to civil unrest, in June this year.

Tom A
Tom A
joseph_uke 2 months

america turning fascist 💕✨😫🤚 I knew it would happen eventually but thankfully, he’s fired.

Jon 2 months

But was it BECAUSE Esper opposed invoking the insurrection act? Or were there in fact other reasons?

Mike 2 months

Expected. When the truth comes out about the DNC cheating and the real winner is confirmed, we will need someone who will stand up to the leftist rioters.

Regnar 2 months

Is this Trumps and the trumpists way to gain sole control off the military AND counter-terrorism? To me it looks very dangerous considering the mad old man and his pack of militias.

David 2 months

Our country would do well to have knowledgeable and experienced professionals in place during times of major transition........particularly in the area of defense. Is Trump TRYING to get us attacked?

ben 2 months

There are multiple deputies and support staff ready to take his place until a replacement, if needed, is found.

John W
John W 2 months

Don't worry biden will hire him and will start new wars, for war there's always employment with democrats.

David Giarratana
David Giarratana 2 months

Probably didn't like his psychic powers.

The NPC 2 months

Joe and Selina can reappoint him next year if he's that good

jay 2 months

Ya can’t keep the serfs in line. YOUR FIRED !!

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

Bye bye the purge begins

David Webb
David Webb 2 months

Deep state trying to steal the election.

Michael 2 months

Orange bully needs to feel good about something these days, firing people might help

Randy 2 months

Trump always fires people. If this was unusual, it would be news. It's not news.

Salvador 2 months

...I’m sorry who are you?

Doug 2 months

Surprised that a member of influential West Point Mafia would get booted

Aleksandr 2 months

So Trump’s having Rich Kid temper tantrums. Yea, we know how he is.

porcus 2 months

Adios. Nobody cares.

Sigfried 2 months

He thanked Esper for his time so I have doubts, despite the suggestion in the summary, that he was fired over his stance on the Insurrection Act as that actually shot the "Trump is Nazi, derrr" narrative in the foot.

Jon 2 months

Donnie having a little temper tantrum. Meh I think Esper was already planning on resigning anyway. No one wants to work for failed leader.

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