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What does Biden’s criminal justice reform plan include?

What does Biden’s criminal justice reform plan include?

Biden’s criminal justice plan allocates $20 billion to promote crime prevention among state and local governments through programs addressing factors like literacy and child abuse. It encourages states to enact programs to reduce incarceration with steps like eliminating mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent crime. Biden supports the SAFE Justice Act. He does not support defunding police.

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

It means when you call the police because someone is breaking into your home, Biden would have two mental health workers sent out with only fire extinguishers, and then they'd give you a ticket for being racist because the burglar is underprivileged.

Josh 2 months

See also:

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

20 billion to train cops to shoot suspects in the leg seems steep Joe.

Frank 2 months

But biden has said he does support defunding the police. He's said it many times before the debates.

Richard 2 months

Joe Biden's plan: throw money at it!

Indo 2 months

Have more prisons. House them, clothe them, feed them well. They will be forever in there. Make good business sense !?

Peggy Sue
Peggy Sue 2 months

Child safety? That's rich coming from joe

Jim 2 months

So essentially more money to The Dept of Education and encouraging states to eliminate the very sentencing rules he put forth for the Federal Level, most likely via incentives in the Federal Grants to states. The truth is shown with this effort, which is The Feds have very little to do with the majority of the court systems or penal systems in this country. The Feds run the Federsl systems not the state systems. There are no long term prisoners in state or federal jail for minor possessions as the hard sentences come into play for trafficking or high volume possession offenses. Most systems are ran by the individual states. In other words Trump had very little to do with the rules on police - citizens interaction and the Feds have very little to do with Police funding OR the incarceration rates in the states. So in the end Biden has no more or less ability to defund police than Trump did . It was a shadow allegation against Trump and Biden, at least knew it. Interesting to see how those demanding Trumps head on these issues will all of a sudden declare Biden a savior even after having done nothing.

Jon 2 months

It means those super offender communities better get ready for serious sentencing. Again.

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